Rank: Fraccion to the Tercera Espada
Cero Color: Bright Blue
Reiatsu: Yeppeun's Reiatsu is a simple normal blue

Appearance: Yeppeun is strikingly beautiful, slim and dark. Her mask cross’s her lower jaw to the back of her head, holding her hair up into a tight pony tail. Her hollow hole is on her right side of her hip.

Personality: Through some miracle, Yeppeun is the last of Abishai’s fraccion he has not cannibalized, though how this has occurred is a complete mystery, even to herself. Where he Espada is loud, boisterous and filled with rage, she is a calm and collected woman, almost meek in front of her master’s otherwise murderous personality. She keeps to herself and rarely is seen by the other Espada or their own Fraccion, working to collect lesser hollows for her masters hunger, and training in secret to one day take his place.

Zanpaktou: Espina, rapier

Resurrección: Grow! Espina!!

Once released, Yeppeun is covered from head to toe in spiked combat armor, covering all of her vital organs, her hollow hole showing through plainly. While released Yeppeun’s Spiritual Pressure grows sharp, and she is capable of wielding it like large bladed throwing knives. She has also taken after her Espada and is as mater of Cero.

Forest of Knives: The Ultimate attack of Espina, Yeppeun’s body armor suddenly falls off, growing into a large, jagged two handed sword capable of launching its spines at a rapid fire rate.

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