Xander Glareciados


Reiatsu: Dark Slate Blue

Appearance: Wears a white jacket and a pair of sunglasses, regardless of weather or lighting.

His speech is peppered with Gratuitous Romanian, and perhaps a slight degree more complex than would be strictly necessary. He refuses to feed on living humans, though mindless Hollows are fair game. He is generally honest, though he will occasionally take advantage of others if it would benefit his fellow Bount… with the exception of Hans Rojak, whom he despises.


Among the oldest and most powerful of the Bount, Xander is permanently fused with his Doll, granting him above-average strength and durability. Recently he has also undergone Quincy training, allowing him to heal himself with spirit particles even in the mortal world, and "freeze" the movement of reishi to disrupt the powers of Bount and Quincy.

Doll: Fier de îngheţ (Blade of frost)

This Doll can be summoned in the form of a shaft of freezing energy which he wields like a sword. At low power, it is almost invisible - in this form he often uses it to target vital organs. The Bount may release anything frozen by his Doll without harm by snapping his fingers.

Dincolo de Frig (Beyond the cold): A powerful wave of icy energy capable of freezing even a Gran Rey Céro.

Absolute Zero: A desperation attack which freezes everything in a massive radius. Leaves Xander exhausted after use.

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