Walls Of Las Noches

Las Noches is surrounded by incomensurably extensive and tall walls. To the point that, even withh the use of fast movement (Shumpo, Sonido) one could need weeks to move around the entirety of the periphery of the complex.

The walls themselves are made of the compacted crystalline substance of Hueco Mundo, specially prepared by Von Geister into a very resilient material, so as to support its own weight and the impossible architeture designed by the Old Man Fear.

The walls themselves are vast, including extensive mazes of corridors, and garrisons within them.

Gates of Las Noches

The walls have four entrances, the massive four gates of Las Noches. Each one easily as massive as Soukyoku Hill, many wonder just how the mechanisms that open the gates were created.

Tres Cifras

Tres Cifras covers nearly the entirety of the ground level of the walls, and is the dwelling of the privaron espada and whatever minions they might retain. The privaron are the first line of defense of Las Noches.

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