Vinoly Rafella

Fracción to the Primera Espada

Appearance and Personality

Vinoly is a slender female Arrancar with long, flowing hair in a strange shade of light-purple. She has long eyelashes and lavender-colored irises. The remains of her hollow mask form a necklace that covers most of her neck. Her unusual Arrancar uniform consists of a long white dress with long sleeves that extend well past her hands, with single slits in each one. Her hollow hole is not visible, but her zanpakuto is kept at her left side at most times.

Vinoly is similar to Marro in personality, preferring to stay back and study enemies before making a move. She is calm and analytical, but often acts snobbish toward her fellow Fracción, usually trying to advise them as if she has authority. She has a habit of covering her mouth with her hand and long sleeves at most times, but especially whenever she is speaking.

Zanpakuto: Hidra (Hydra)

Vinoly's zanpakuto is identical to Marro's in every way, and since she is part of his resurrección, she cannot release the sword herself.

Powers and Abilities:

Cero: Vinoly has a dark purple colored cero, which she charges and fires from under her left sleeve.

Thick Fog: Vinoly can emit thick clouds of a mild poison from her sleeves, which she can then use to conceal herself from her enemies or create distractions.

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