Spiritual Abomination (Mutant Vizard)



Reiatsu: A green so dark it looks Black. His ceros are the same colour.

Background: Vileblood has existed once before, but only for a very short time. When Hulmisadurim first possessed Johnathan Bowen, the result was Vileblood. Now, with access to John and Uslimahara's power, it is more powerful, and more insane than ever. Three consciousnesses bound into one shape will do that. Vileblood has yet to appear in the ongoing RP, but his/John's player has plans for them.

Personality: Most quickly summarised as psychopathic and violently cunning. Vileblood is a gestalt entity that combines a twisted version of John's view of honourable combat, Uslimahara's bloodlust, and Hulmisadurim's physical and spiritual need for pain. For Vileblood, all that matters is being near pain, and it matter not from whence it comes.

Physical Description: Vileblood retains John's build, though its skin has been replaced with the bone-white hide of a hollow. Its limbs have odd, extremely dark green markings on their upper halves that stem down from where they join the body. Its hair has grown out to about waist length, and is the same near-black as his reiatsu. The mask changes little, but noticeably. The markings on it change from red to near-black green, and the grill that covered John's mouth reshapes in an armoury of fangs, and noxious fumes wind their way from between its jaws, as does a horrific purple tongue some eight inches in length. Its fingers have elongated into claws, and a narrow tail some three feet long now sprouts from just above the rear of its legs.

Powers and Abilities

Oceanic Spiritual Pressure: Vileblood's reiatsu is awe-inspiringly vast, so much so that normal humans will stop to check if it's raining when it is standing two miles up in the air. So much so, that whilst it wields Uslimahara, the weapon is permanently in bankai.

Uslimahara: Vileblood retains John's zanpakutou, and all corresponding abilities.

Hierro: Vileblood possesses a potent Hierro, but it does not compare with an Espada's, or even an Arrancar's.

Pain-Drinking: Vileblood feeds upon pain, and its reiatsu increases whilst it is near pain it itself is not suffering. Pain also causes its wounds to heal, meaning almost any attack that pierces its Hierro will quickly be gone. However, Vileblood requires pain to live just as much as humans need to breathe. Typically, if there is nothing else to hurt, it will slice its tongue on its fangs once every time it breathes.

Cero: In corresponding with its massive reiatsu, Vileblood can fire monstrously powerful dark green ceros. It is capable of charging two up simultaneously, one at its claw tips, and another at the tip of its tongue, though they cannot be fired simultaneously.

Vil Sangre: Every time Vileblood is wounded and begins to heal, the wound is temporarily cut off from the rest of the body. When the blood flow resumes, the blood trapped in and around the wound is forced out at high pressure, and reacts with the air to change into a vicious poison. Contact with this poison makes those struck by it feel all the pain they have ever felt in their lives, plus all the pain they have ever inflicted at once, but at double strength. This will typically reduce even the most resolute opponent to a screaming wreck for a period of time best measured in Days.

Ola de Agonía: Vileblood wounds its forearm, and lets the blood flow to his palm. There, it is turned into an orb, and a cero is charged around it. The attack is held upward, then radiates outward in a spherical pulse. It is as damaging as one of Vileblood's ceros, and carries with it half-strength Vil Sangre.

Sonido: Vileblood possesses a deal of skill with its sonido, and its speed is what would be expected of an individual with such a large reiatsu.

"I Love Agony, But it Hates Me": Vileblood is entirely a thing of pain. Any effects that would reduce pain used on it harm it, causing it pain and only serving to strengthen it further. However, Vileblood "jades" easily. It finds itself required to involve itself in ever more painful actions to meet its pain quota.

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