Vicenzo Scamozo


Affiliation: Toho's Arrancar
Rank: Templario
Reiatsu Colour: Red.

Physical Description

Vicenzo is a tall caucasian male. His hair is short, black and well trimmed, and he sports a long black goatee and thin moustache, his eyes are dark red. His mask fragment appears as a skeletal face with sharp, needle-like teeth, normally positioned over his forehead, but it can be pulled down to cover his face.

Vicenzo wears a white shirt with long sleeves and pants, around his waist is a red sash from which hangs a bokken without a sheath.


Scamozo is a scumbag. Quite plain and simple. He punishes those who break the laws of Las Noches with a wide smile in his face, he makes tasteless jokes, harasses women and bullies other arrancar around, confident in his position of power, along with his own personal power.


Vicenzo's zanpakutou is Del Fuego (Of the Flame). It's usual shape is that of a simple bokken (a wooden katana), however, once draw, the sword ignites, leaving only the hilt, with a shaft of fire in place of the blade. This shaft of fire can be used as either a sword or a whip.

Resurrección - Burn the flesh, and burn the soul, Del Fuego!

Vicenzo's resurrección first covers his body in a thin layer of hollow bone plate, but this is usualy not noticeable, because soon this layer is covered by dense, searing flames. The fire makes all of his body look like just a humanoid shape of flame, with only his face, covered by the white skeletal mask, and long obsidian claws visible. His flames produce smoke that hovers above his back and head, but never seens to go much further away.

Body Aflame
Obviously, Vicenzo's body is covered in searing hot flames. This makes contact, and even proximity to the arrancar, dangerous. The flames are sufficiently hot to melt steel that comes in contact with him. Vicenzo is also immune to fire based attacks.

Hurl Fire
Vicenzo has numerous different fire based attacks, from a stream of flame, to throwing explosive fireballs.

Arms of Flame
Vicenzo can crease swords and whips of fire while in his resurrección. These weapons are made of dense flames that can hold heavy detritus, allowing it to act as if solid.

Halo of Smoke
VIcenzo can use the smoke his body produces to conceal himself and choke his oponents.

Use of Magma*
Vicenzo can use his heat to melt stone into magma. This allows him to swim through rock, and hurl globes of molten rock at his enemies. He can breath in the lava and it does not interfere with his vision. Finally he can control the pressure of the molten rock to create a small eruption.

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