Viatrix Klossner


Viatrix now wears a uniform similar to Mia's, but fit for herself. Her doll fragment (a thin jawline) borders the left side of her chin, and her hollow hole is at the base of her neck on her torso. Though she usually covers the left side of her face with her long hair, and her hole with a cape.


Viatrix merely wishes to be left to herself, and if it weren't for the fact that she can't stay in her pocket dimension forever (no reishi particles to keep her alive), she would. Despite her aversion to people, she has an odd habit of stalking those she likes. She also seems to have a personal form of Hell Butterflies (named Void Butterflies) that she stole, and speaks through. These messages are usually on the abusive side.
As a result of her transformation, Vi has completely lost the ability to speak, but retains a mental link through her Void Butterflies which can be used to communicate her thoughts.

Effigy Form: "Throw Wide, Eingang!"

Viatrix's arms grow into comically large appendages with retractable claws, and a long, frayed tail that are similar to her former dolls', and a ribbon of what seems to be pure space wraps around her form.


Viatrix retains her ability to manipulate space, moving objects around. However, in addition, she can copy space in the same manner, creating an exact replica. She can also duplicate energy, multiplying her own, or cero and bala she blocks through her pocket portals manifold, but in such a case every instance after the first loses around 10% effectiveness (Original: 100%, copy 1: 90%, copy 2: 81%, copy 3: 72%, and so on). Outside of her pocket dimension, copies of space such as buildings and other structures begin to crumble after a short while. In her pocket dimension, however, she's free to manipulate things as she pleases.

Cero, bala, and other energy attacks can be stored in her pocket dimension for a short period of time, but after about a day they disappear.

Other powers

Hierro: Viatrix has just below average hierro. Pretty much anyone but unseated (and even then, some unseated could probably manage) wouldn't have trouble cutting through her hierro.

Cero/Bala: Viatrix has average cero and bala.

Sonido: Viatrix rarely uses sonido, as after several uses she tends to tire out, and her teleportation is superior in most cases.

Pesquisa: Viatrix can use Pesquisa through any one of her void butterflies.

Unreleased powers: When outside her Effigy form, Viatrix has full space manipulation powers short of being able to copy space/energy, she has a personal null-reiatsu field on herself without needing to focus at all times, instead of speaking she now mentally projects any messages she wishes to send into her void butterflies, and she can see through any one of her void butterflies as if seeing it through her own eyes (however it's much more effective opening a portal and seeing through multiple screens).

Inside of her pocket dimension, Vi has crude manipulation abilities that allow her to shape the landscape any way she wishes. The pocket dimension never seems to run out of space, either… At least, not yet.

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