Vasae Ikaru

Vasae Ikaru

Vice Captain of the 7th Division

Reiatsu: White (Gray for speaking)

Appearance: Vasae seems slight, though tall. The word willowy might be apt if it were not for the muscles he clearly posses. He wears the traditional Vice Captains outfit, though his sleeves are cut off, the badge of his office tattooed to his arm. He sports several earrings and a nose ring, and his fiery red hair is pulled back into a small pony tail. It’s said in several of the 7th circle shower rooms and private bath houses he has a tattoo of an oni on his back, and an angel on his chest. It is strange to see him smile, his mood often that of quiet acceptance.

Personality: Despite his rough exterior, Vasae is a meek man, almost a door mat. He defaults to his twin brothers more assertive personality in all things and often speaks his mind, often only making a single sound of agreement or dissent. In the face of this, he is a fierce and unrelenting opponent, whose calm features

Zanpaktou: Munashii-Munashii is a traditional western sword that Vasae wears along the small of his back.

Shikai: Brace! Munashii!- Vasae’s sword snaps in two, the metal suddenly coating the undersides of his arm before turning into a pair of tonfa. Agility, physical speed and strength are boosted. The tonfa are diamond hard, and make excellent shields to all but the hardest attacks. They have been noted to being able to block powerful cero’s and even direct kido attacks.

Bankai: Once both have called out Bankai, Vasae’s tonfa’s grow into a massive two handed sword which he keeps placed in the oirignal location of his weapon. A large sash is attached to the blade handle, and he cause use this to swing the Zanpaktou around giving it an effecitvly larger reach. The sides of the blade have the image of an oni and an angel, and both slowly start to glow the more time passes. This energy can be released in a massive cutting blast.

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