Tyler Halstein

Name: Tyler Nash Halstein

Age: 16

Physical Appearance: 6' tall, Tyler is practically a giant in Japan. His lightly tanned skin, brown hair, and blue eyes further make him stand out. When not in school uniform, he likes to dress in jeans and t-shirts. While well groomed, he has a very…relaxed…air to everything he does.

Personality: Tyler's an Air Force brat. He has a boundless confidence inherited from his father, as well as a stubborn tendency to stand up for what he believes is right. While he doesn't look for fights, he's not willing to back down if it comes to one, especially if it's in defense of another. He's a big fan of standing up for those who have trouble standing up for themselves. So much that in the past he was a bit overeager about it.

While he's lived most of his life in Japan, Tyler's seen enough of America and its culture to tend more towards acting American, though he's not arrogant about it. It's mostly his slang, albeit translated into Japanese. That, and his belief that "there is no kill like overkill" and such. He's a fan of local media (read:anime and manga), though not a major collector-type fan. Just enough to have DVDs.

One of his deepest fears is ever losing control and hurting someone who doesn't deserve it. After gaining his powers, and the short "out of body" experience that went with it, Tyler has had nightmares about becoming that monster again, even though he somehow doesn't feel any of the…creature…roaming around within himself. His tendency to get into fights has thus recently been subdued.

History: Tyler was born in the Midwestern United States, to two parents of similar descent. He was thus spared any of the more outrageous accents of America, instead having a
"American Newscaster" accent, more properly known as General American. His father is an officer in the US Air Force, stationed with the Fifth Air Force in Japan. The base itself is close enough to J City to allow them to live on the outskirts.

Tyler lived in the USA until age 5, then moved to Japan 11 years ago. From then until now, they've lived in J City, with yearly visits back home to family. His mother and father are both content here in Japan, and that attitude of contentment has bled over to Tyler. While his dream is to
eventually go back to America, maybe join the Air Force, maybe go into business, he loves his home, and the friends he's made.

Of course, it's not all sunshine and roses. One year ago, he was walking home from school, when he saw a child trip and fall into the road. An oncoming car was sure to hit the child unless he did something. So, he did something. Specifically, he lept forward and pushed the child out of the way, being struck by the car in the process.
It broke several bones, and ruptured a lung. Tyler legally died on sight. His spirit, torn by the grief of losing his life so soon, attracted a nearby Hollow. The creature began to feed on Tyler. He managed to faintly beat it back, resulting in his spirit being wounded such that he himself became a Hollow, albeit one with a tenuous connection to his body.

However, 4 minutes later, he was successfully revived. This pulled the Hollow, still faintly attached by a thread of the old spirit chain, back into his body. There, it was purified back into Tyler Halstein. But he was changed. Unseen to the men working the ambulance, a mask formed on his face.
His body knit the worst of his wounds together before he arrived at the hospital. By the time they did x-rays, he had only minor fractures and some moderate bruising. They chalked the flatline up to shock, and kept him for observation for a time. Tyler slept and healed, and dreamed.

He saw himself turn into the monster, then turn back
into his old self. Then he saw the mask. At first, he panicked. But when he awoke, and could summon the mask, with no strange voices floating in his head, his fears were (mostly) calmed. He'd always been able to see faint traces of things outside the normal world of the living.

Now he clearly saw the dead, and the spirits who seemed to protect them, and usher them on to the next life. He strove to ignore them for a time. Then came the day he saw a monster try to eat the soul of a little girl. He saw red, and he suddenly had the mask on. His muscles felt stronger, his skin felt thicker, and he felt light on his feet. He sonido'ed over to the beast, striking it in the face with his enhanced strength. It managed to destroy the mask of the Hollow, sending it onward. The girl thanked him, then
ran off. He saw a shinigami perform Soul Burial, but sonido'ed away before awkward questions could be asked.

He spent a day thinking about what to do, before remembering his father's advice. He'd always said that someone should use every means at their disposal to protect those who cannot protect themselves. That some had to be the watchdogs against the wolves in the darkness.

That day, Tyler decided he would be a watchdog, a protector. And so he began training almost daily with his mask. He'd taken some basic self defense classes, but nothing major. He had to use books and trial-and-error to teach himself how to fight. He still tends to be a brawler.

Powers: Tyler is what might be called a "Living Vizard". He is still living, but also possesses many of the hallmark powers of a Vizard. The only twist is, all he has is his mask. He has no sword, be it of Arrancar or Shinigami type.

When he dons his mask, Tyler gains superhuman strength, enough to easily dispatch the weakest of Hollows, and to challenge somewhat stronger Hollows. His skin gains a degree of Hierro, which actually extends to his clothes. It's enough to protect him from the worst of hits, but he's hardly invincible. He also has limited regeneration, so that the typical scuffs and bruises heal away enough that no one asks questions. He gains fairly typical Sonido; not enough to race the speedsters out there,but certainly enough to keep him alive and moving. He's also smart enough to use it to run away if he can't handle something.
His eyesight also sharpens slightly, allowing him somewhat increased distance with his vision, and more importantly a passable level of nightvision.

Tyler is capable of firing Bala and Cero, strong enough to match some of the non-Espada Arrancar. As well, he can spend a moment gathering raw reishi together, then firing it in an enormous blast a few feet across, much rougher in outline than his normal Cero. This requires both hands, but is easily 3 times stronger than his Cero. He calls it his Ultimate Cero.

Tyler has discovered that by taking reishi, compressing it somewhat, then pushing it out his feet, hands, and back, he can emit "reishi flames" that end up acting like jet engines. Rather than the more delicate methods of moving through the air that shinigami and Arrancar alike possess, this method uses raw brute pushing force. As such, it works even inside the Seireitei. Flying like this, Tyler can achieve speeds of roughly Mach 1.1

His style is still primarily a hand-to-hand mishmash, but he has started to use his energy blasts when he can.

Invasion Outfit: Black combat pants, dark grey t-shirt, black combat boots, black aviator sunglasses, and a brown duster coat.

Vizard Mask: Looks like this, with the hose gone, and that bottom strip of the helmet face smoothed over. The visor is a glossy black, with a faith blue glow, while the rest is a dull white.

Second Level Mask Form:Overall looks like this. Facial cutout area looks like this, but hair is encased like the rest of the head. Has a retractable faceplate that matches this faceplate. Otherwise, it is primarily a very deep blue. On his arms from the wrist down, as well as at the shoulder, on his legs from mid-calf down, and around his waist, it was a dark grey. His skin is slightly paler than normal, and his eyes are of course yellow in the iris, with the sclera a deep black.

Second Level Mask Powers: Tyler can still fire Bala and Cero, but both types are now about 3 times stronger. His Ultimate Cero, as he calls it, is about 2 times stronger than before. His general speedand strength, increase by a factor of 3, while his Hierro increases by a factor of 4 (represented by the "armor" this form gives). His wings allow him to fly much more efficiently than his reishi jets; as well, he can now fly at approximately Mach 2.5. They are also of a strange metallic hollow bone type material, stronger even than his notably improved Hierro. They can block many attacks that might otherwise harm Tyler.

His wings also give him the ability to fling razor-sharp "feathers" at foes at high speeds. Not only are these feathers sharp, but after a few seconds, they destabilize and explode, roughly equivalent to one of his boosted Bala. He can pick feathers from the ends of his wings, where they're the longest, to create simple short swords. They do not cut him at all, but anyone else trying this will likely be cut. When thrown, these improvised blades also explode, with about the same amount of force. Any thrown feathers quickly regenerate.

Resurrección Segunda Etapa Appearance

Tyler's appearance radically shifts. He gains a full suit of amor(with all the non-blue being dark gray instead), with oddly shaped gauntlets on his forearms and hands (they keep the same color scheme, and are more rounded, smoothed over, and lacking the blue "jewel" near the elbow). His helmet has a retractable visor over the eyes/mouth area, matching his other levels of release (helmet is blue with dark gray border around visor). Perhaps most striking are his transformed wings, with him having a full 6 wings, in 3 sets of 2. (How the wings look, and how they are arranged.)

Tyler himself has changed, as well. His hair darkens to the color of polished onyx. His skin looks like smooth, polished ivory. And his eyes become glowing golden pools of light, shining through even when his visor is closed.

Resurrección Segunda Etapa Powers

While Tyler gains power, at first it is not evident what changed.

His strength, speed, Bala, Cero, Ultimate Cero, and Razor Feathers all stay the same, with no power increase. Tyler can, however, fire Feathers from all 6 wings, increasing the volume and covered area with the Feathers.

His healing noticeably increases, though not by a huge extent.

His body is now encased in armor, and thus he is a great deal harder to harm in the first place, giving him something like 2 times the protection he had before.

Tyler instead gains several new abilities.

First, the squarish opening above his wrists can actually channel the power of one of his Ceros, giving him two blades, each about 18 inches long, extending from his forearms. These blades can be released as Ceros, though they're about half as powerful as a normal Cero in this form (as it's essentially 1 Cero split into 2 blades). These openings also serve as the point where Tyler can charge and fire his normal Cero and Bala. (His Ultimate Cero still charges from his open hands.)

Second, he can use the "top" set of his wings to generate a blinding light for several seconds, disorienting an opponent, and leaving them with blurred/marred vision for several seconds. Tyler is immune to this, but allies are not. This affect generally spreads to a maximum of 40 or so feet.

Third, he can use his "bottom" set of wings to generate powerful gusts of wind, sufficient to knock an unprepared opponent off of their feet and back several feet. Even if an opponent isn't knocked over, they often have to hold still to avoid being shoved. Tyler can mix his Razor Feathers into this wind, making it a deadly storm of blades and explosions.

Fourth and Finally, his Ultimate Cero, while not increasing in actual power, does undergo a change. Manifesting his desire to honor his lost friend Wolfgang, the front of Tyler's Ultimate Cero now has the shape of the head of a wolf. Upon contacting the enemy, the Howling Wolf Cero (as Tyler will come to call it) clamps down on said enemy, holding them in place for the rest of the blast to arrive and explode.


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