Twelfth Division

Twelfth Division is essentially the Science Division. Whether its the development of new technologies, the upkeep of current ones, scanning for enemy reiatsu, calculations for kido cannon trajectories, or simple exposition, the 12th is the one in charge.
As in the Canon, 12th Division is attached to the Shinigami Research & Development Institute, with its Captain serving as President. However, in BitP the attachment is more of a complete fusion - most ranking officers of the 12th are members of the SRI, all SRI members are required to go through basic Academy training, and the SRI complex is itself located within the 12th Division. This can result in some superiority confusion whenever a 12ther with a higher rank in the Division meets a 12ther with a higher rank in the SRI.

Basic Stats and Description

Division Size: ~400. 20 Seated Officers (Including Captain and Vice-Captain), 280 Unseated Shinigami, and approximately 100 SRI members with only basic Academy abilities. All notable seated officers have names that start with a "K". This is cosmic coincidence.

Division Training Levels: 12th Division could well be one of the more varied divisions in terms of skill, thanks to it mostly attracting two main demographics of Academy graduates - geniuses and cowards. The cowards know that the 12th engages in a comparatively small amount of Hollow-hunting, and end up acting as lab assistants, fodder, or work their way up the food chain by fighting horrible escaped experiments. The geniuses, on the other hand, realise that they'll be appreciated and unrestricted at 12th in a way they might not otherwise be - they'll move up quickly in the SRI ranks, and sometimes focus enough on their abilities as Shinigami that they'll make it to seated officer status.

The upshot of this is that, while a large number of their unseated Shinigami are essentially fodder, anyone who's made it seated officer is likely so smart, well-equipped and/or numbed to non-Euclidean horrors that they'll be able to hold their own against a seated officer of equal rank from any other division.

A relatively low number of Shinigami transfer into the 12th. However, even fewer transfer out, so it balances. In addition, contrary to the assertions of other divisions, the excellent (and sometime revolutionary) "healthcare" offered by the 12th means that there is a relatively low turnover, despite the often sociopathic nature of its officers.


Research & Development: 12th Division, as the heart of R&D in the Gotei 13, is expected to develop new weaponry and equipment (handheld scanners, Garganta blockers, limiter-bracelets, etc) essentially on demand. In practice, this means almost every seated officer working on their own pet project, with the highest rankings ones dropping everything and scrambling to get stuff done when an order comes through.

Scanning & Technobabble: 12th Division has control over the extensive Reiko Scanners of Soul Society, and as such have the duty to locate anomalous signals, etc. at the request of other Divisions. They are further expected to spout forth a certain amount of technobabble, which will occasionally contain a useful tidbit that may be used to defeat a particular troubling foe.

Field Projects: Although they are most often joint efforts with another Division (generally the 5th, 11th or 13th), the 12th is largely responsible for the gathering of interesting samples from the mortal world. While in past centuries this might have included Quincy, Bounts and spiritually aware humans, nowadays it's purely non-sapient artifacts and Hollows. Honest.

Interdivisional Duties: The 12th Division mostly works alongside the 4th, with an attitude of what could be described as mutual wariness, in the more complicated repairs and in development of medicinal drugs, etc. Data is expected to be shared freely between the two Divisions. 12th also works with the Kido Corps, in what is a far more amicable relationship, in order to further develop Kido-based weaponry. Collaboration with other Divisions in order to acquire interesting specimens also takes place, but generally on a less formal basis.

Combat Abilities: 12th Division emphasises no particular style of combat, sticking with "whatever works (to kill the escaped kaiju)". If they have one defining trait in their combat style, it would likely be the often-extensive use of hidden weapons, gadgetry, bombs and other such gimmickry - a fair fight is for suckers. There is a larger-than-average number of kido users in the 12th, but not to the extent of the 5th or Kido Corps.

Other Emphasized Skills: All members know basic scientific protocol, and are skilled at recognising and dealing with problems of a biological or mechanical nature. Most high-ranking members are incredibly capable scientists and/or engineers, capable of creating items of magitek that would leave mortals (and some other Reaper societies) with their jaws by their feet. Many are skilled at combat in hostile environments (less "enemy territory" and more "electrified air") or against unusual foes, as well as being able to perform swift analysis of an enemy's abilities. Essentially, a 12th Division squad will be able to get through that lake of acid, past the pattern-based boss fight, and then use his remains to create a super-zombie capable of digging them out of the dungeon. To use an appropriate metaphor.

So basically, 12th Division in this setting is 400 people who are the smartest, creepiest, hardiest, craziest, most amoral mad-scientist wizard engineers to grace Soul Society - and their flunkies.

(Note: Any duties not explicitly mentioned in this entry are covered by other Divisions and Groups.)

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