Tsukino Nukari

4th Born Titan, Ares, God of War, Ex-Vice Captain of the 11th Squad


Other Names: Cerberus, Fenrir.


Nukari has replaced his wardrobe with a long black, cloak (reminiscent of Ichigo's, without the red) with the symbol of squad 11 swathed in blood on the back. His hair is short, but ragged, still as if he'd cut it himself. He retains his wolfs' glare. His teeth are sharp and ragged (looking like he's filed them himself), a mouth of fangs, making his usual insane smile that much creepier. His hands and feet now sport vicious claws. There are scars located all across his body from Ko's weapons, as well as a scar on his neck from being stabbed in the neck by Daisuke, the wounds that originally resulted in his death.


Most traces of the old Nukari are long gone, having been replaced with general insanity; as such, he actually talks now! Though it's usually a rambling of insane logic. His views of the weak as tools for the strong manifests in his perfect willingness to slaughter innocent civilians to increase his powers.

His love of battle, though, has obviously held through.

Zanpakutou: Kuroi Ookami.

Kuroi Ookami is in a state of continual release, taking the form of a seven-branch sword. It performs much as his old Zanpakutou did, each of the prongs extending to twist into flesh on contact.

Transcendence/Bankai: "Carnage Dance" ("Ninjou No Mai")

Kuroi Ookami's 7 prongs grow into full-length swords attached to the main blade by spiked chains. Every time a blade of Kuroi Ookami makes contact with flesh, a similar chain and blade sprouts. Each blade acts independently of the main sword, but usually attacks the same target.

In addition, as a result of Harubo's resurrection of him, Nukari has gained the ability to change into a big, black, three-headed wolf while in Bankai. His speed and strength are pushed into ridiculous amounts in this form. Kuroi Ookami is chained to his back in this form, though he does occasionally swing it with one of his heads.

Other Powers

Nukari's direct gift from Harubo is a massive boost in Spiritual Energy/Reiatsu (and as a result, higher overall strength), and extremely tough Hierro.

In addition, he has very good senses of sight, smell, and hearing, which can overwrite hiding one's reiatsu.

Nukari can infect Pluses (and maybe other souls?) with his blood, creating a wolf-like humanoid creature. Part of the infection transforms the victim's body, and there is a possession-like effect that makes them inherently violent and bloodthirsty. Their innate strength isn't changed by much, but every time they draw blood their strength and speed increase by about twofold. For Pluses, they gain a small degree of Hierro that doubles with inflicted injuries, as well.
The possessing force can be removed, but after a certain degree of transformation, it can prove nearly impossible to return the Plus to normal.


Nukari, while generally being no-nonsense before, has realized his power as a "god", and the general fragility of others, so he tends to hold back more to let his enemy survive through more pain. He makes extensive use of his exceptional physical strength to a fault. He has a disturbing habit of carrying around "fodder" to power the blood-dependant power of his bankai.

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