Tracker Baron

Name: Tracker Baron

Appearance: Seemingly of Western descent (though such things are largely irrelevant to a lab-born Bount) Tracker Baron is closer to skinny than fat, and of average height. He's either bald or has shaved with a blowtorch, and has a number of tattoos equal to the number of angels able to tango on the head of a pin. His eyes are brown, and tend toward the manic.

His attire generally consists of khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts of increasing tastelessness depending on how paranoid he's feeling. The glasses he wears are also tacky, but (by cosmic coincidence) inversely to the Hawaiian shirt of the moment. This ensemble is occasionally topped off with a dark jacket.

Personality: Invasive, horrible, intoxicated, thin-skinned, violent, impatient and egomaniacal. However, he's generous with his intoxicants and generally good for a laugh. He's not so much without morals as he doesn't appreciate yours, and will in fact go out of his way to flip them off. During his time in the mortal realm he was attracted to journalism, although mostly for the amusement the events he reported on caused him, rather than any adherence to ideals of truth or justice.

His speech wavers between incoherence and eloquence, with obscenities scattered throughout.

He is currently appears to be under Hans Rojak's control, although the justification being used is unknown. It's very possible he feels he doesn't need one, contrary as he is.

Doll: "Frackle"
Frackle takes the form of a small stained-glass tchotchke which Baron keeps pinned to his shirt or jacket. He has none of the problems keeping him in line experienced by some other Bount - Frackle generally acts placidly whacked out of his skull, with only the occasional attack of paranoia to worry about.

When released, Frackle becomes a collection of 2-dimensional shapes of varying translucence and colour, formed from apparently nothing. They hover in the air around Baron, forming geometric patterns or surreal pictures, like a magical kaleidoscope.

Frackle has the ability to induce hallucinations, ranging from pleasant feelings of relaxation and a sense that one is surrounded by beautiful women, to the target's worst nightmare, to a random mirage or simple warped landscape. Baron has little control over the actual content of the visions, pulled as they are from the target's mind, but can direct the general theme.

Doll Fusion: ''Farbiger Glasdämon''

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