Toshiko Yogushi

Vice-Captain of the 6th Division

Reiatsu: Light green that changes to green during Shikai and drak green during Bankai.

Personality: Toshiko is an easy fellow. Everyone gets along with him fine. He doesn't really makes enemies, but he can't stand idiots. He's a good guy with a good heart. Rarely does he get angry, but when he does, you should be far away.


Sealed form:
A shortsword with two green ribbons attached to it. While in his sealed form, he can use the three attacks described below. His zanpaktou is special in that it can change the acceleration of particles on the molecular level of a person or object. This includes even his own body, but not his sword.

As such, he can affect the speed of almost any projectile (except spirit energy) by increasing or decreasing its acceleration. This is how he is able to form his attacks.

1. He breaks apart the molecule.
2. He then reconstructs the molecule.
3. Change the acceleration of the molecule.
4. Add energy
5. Release the molecule.

Those five steps happen in milliseconds, and cannot be seen by the naked eye, not even by him, but he understands what is happening. Only his captain and the commander-general know the true nature of his zanpaktou, others just believe it is a wind type.

By manipuating several particles in a matter of milliseconds, and increasing their accelration, he is able to form violent winds in whichever direction he so chooses.

Air Slash (Kuukiri): Any motion he makes with his sword sends a high-speed, high-velocity blast of air at his opponent. The speed and strength of such a blast of air depends on how fast and how hard he chooses to swing the sword. He need not send a blast every time he swings his sword.

Air Volley (Kuurenbatsu): By making thrusting motions at his opponent, he can send a volley of air blasts at his opponent at a high speed and velocity. His aim need not be accurate as this is an area of effect.

Air Guard (Kuumamori): By turning his sword upside down, he can create a shield made of high velocity wind that can deflect attacks.

Shikai: Zoge, Kazeuchi! Slice, WindStriker!

As Toshiko goes into Shikai, a green ribbon dissapears from the end of the sword. In this form, he gains the ability to temporarily increase his speed for short periods of time, but if he pushes too hard, at any moment his body can break down.

No physical changes happen other then the green light, but on the molecular level it changes. A green sphere surronds Toshiko that only he can see. This allows him to skip the first and second step in his process, which allows for faster and stronger attacks.

Whirlwind (Tsujikaze): By twirling a single sword rapidly, he can create torrents of air that can push or pull his opponent or even rip them to shreds.

Bankai: The last green ribbon on his sword dissapears, and he gains another shortsword in his left hand. Upgrades the speed and damage of the three abilities mentioned above.

A molecular field surronds Toshiko (and the battlefield) at all times. In it, the molecules are already established as well as the acceleration. All molecules always point towards the closest enemy to it. Thus this enables Toshiko to skip the first three steps in his process. This allows for explosive and very fast winds to form, and gain energy before they even hit their enemy.

In this way, he can also make stationary objects (doors, walls) explode, by increasing their acceleration then adding energy to it. Note, his sword must touch the object to effect it.

He is decent in all forms of kidou, and is training to become a master in shunpo. He is also able to stand any condensed reiatsu due to training with his captain.

Calling the Thunder (Tenrai wo yobu): In a last ditch effort, he can call down lightning from the sky and move at its speed. As his enemies sees the flash, he moves at the spped of light. Once use is enough to destroy body tissue and damage muscles. A second use destroys mucles, bones, and even organs. The third and final use destroys everything in his body, and leaves him with a 90% chance of death rate.

He is also practicing at slowing down his enemy. Even a single hit is enough to decrease movement and charge rates of ceros or balas that can be fired in a single moment.

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