Toho Tohon

Formerly the Captain of the Gotei 13's 5th Squad, Toho betrayed Soul Society and revealed himself to be the God of the Espada.

Name: 'Toho Tohon'

Reiatsu: A pale, sky blue.

True Personality: Uncertain.

Release Command: "Transcend, Saoshyant."

Saoshyant's sealed form is that of a guardless, sextuple-edged, sword hidden within the grip of a blue wagasa. The invertedly serrated blades of the weapon face outward from a solid center, each with its own point. A small skull symbol adorns the highest point of the wagasa itself.

Saoshyant's shikai form is physically identical to its sealed form, save that it now is capable of dividing into 111 v shaped, six pronged, pieces linked by a monofilament cord.

Omnipotence: When this power is activated, Saoshyant may be used to cut and tear open rifts between points in reality. This ability is akin to a garganta, save that the latter can be described as acting like opening a door whereas the former functions more like kicking it in.

Omnipresence: When this power is activated, Saoshyant may slip through space and appear in multiple places at once. For example: If Toho were to swing the weapon down for a blow to the head, when using this power, the blade could vanish and re-appear in an upswing for the groin as he continues the original attack motion with the hilt. Even more complicated attack routines become possible when the weapon is extended into its 'whip-sword' form.

Omniscience: When this power is activated, Saoshyant grants Toho two-way telepathy within a truly massive area around him. This power can also be used to negate telepathic contact with him.

Saoshyant's bankai form is physically identical to its shikai form.

Body (Omnipotence+Omnipresence+Restoration): When this power is activated, Toho gains the ability to rapidly heal beings and mend objects, even at a range. Whether this power actually grants him the ability to raise the dead is a subject of quiet debate among some citizens of Las Noches.

Mind (Omnipresence+Omniscience+Empathy): When this power is activated, Toho's telepathic powers expand to allow him to literally experience reality through other points in space or even through the eyes of another. One potential use of the latter aspect of this power is for Toho to allow his 'host' to experience the world from his from his own perspective.

Soul (Omnipotence+Omniscience+Genesis): When this power is activated, Toho may awaken both inanimate objects and energy attacks, granting them a 'living' form and the sentience needed to do his bidding. (For example: An incoming cero could be 'awakened', take the form of a massive spectral constrictor, and be ordered to attempt to "wrap" around the creature who fired it.)

Divinity (Body+Mind+Soul): Toho avoids the unrestricted access to his full array of powers through this ability.

Saoshyant is nearly identical to Toho except he is taller by a foot, bears three pairs of wings, and a golden halo.
Save for the few hours of dawn, Saoshyant's manifested form appears largely transparent.

Other Abilities:
Mastery of Zankensoki:
Shunko, Hanki, Ikkotsu, and Sokotsu.
While Toho is an expert in terms of technique, hand-to-hand focused combatants of equal skill maintain a significant power advantage in this field.

It should be noted that Toho is a highly skilled practitioner, but is nowhere near as fast as those with equal competence.

Toho is capable of casting all common kido. He has also displayed aptitude for immediate/dual casting of lower level Kido and is suspected of having knowledge of forbidden arts.

As is typical of the man, Toho is a master of the mechanics of the art but is at a disadvantage when faced with a peer that is a dedicated practitioner.

It is also speculated that Toho is, in fact, a Vizard. However, this theory has yet to be confirmed.

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