Theresa Alvarado

Arrancar #35, Leader of the Exequias


Theresa is a tall woman, with a relatively flat chest. Her hair is a sharp brown colour and falls down to her waist in three, thick braids. She wears the standard arrancar outfit but keeps her belly bare. Her skinn is chalk-white and her eyes have an almost reddish white colour to it.

Theresa's mask remnants sit above and next to her left eye, covering part of her forehead and temple. Her hollow hole is located on her left hand, almost as big as the palm of her hand and allowing people to see right through it.

She wears black laced gloves (with a hole to match her hollow hole though) and she has a small neclace made of bone fragments, which might or might not be part of her mask when one looks upon her.

Her sword takes the shape of a long, blackened armingsword with an intricate basket hilt.


Although not strong enough to become an Espada due to her slightly weaker resurreccion, she prides herself with sonido to rival several of the espada and both hierro and close combat prowess to at least be on par with the lower ranking, non-combat oriented Espada.

Her blade is poisoned, it is not potent, but over time, it can bring even powerful foes to their knees if they are sliced many times, it's nauseating and weakening in its nature, but not lethal.

Resurreccion, "Stalk… Arachnia!"

Theresa holds her left arm outstretched in front of her, the palm of her hand facing down, the sword is then placed, tip down, through her hollow hole and as the basketed hilt reaches her hand, the Resurreccion can begin.

The sword is transformed into thousands of tiny spiders which crawl up her arm and onto her shoulders and face as they transform to extend the mask.
The spiders crawl to the neclace which grows into four spidery protrutions, reminiscent of a spider's legs which lay themselves allong her upper arms (two on each arm), whilst the mask extends to cover hair on the left side of her head and her left eye and cheek, in addition, thinn bony growths drag diagonally across her mouth (from the mask and to the right side of her neck). The mask has four black holes where her eye and cheek used to be, these look like eyes themselves, but no light escapes them.

Her hollow hole closes and the fingers of her gloves grow back a bit, revealing thinn, strong, almost skeletal fingers.

Espadas des Arachnia (swords of the spider)
Two footlong stingers can extend from the palms of Theresa's hands, they also hold an edge.

Where these stingers cause an open wound, tiny black spiders will start to grow out of the blood within it (note, NOT blood in the system, just the blood exiting the body). These spiders will start to crawl over and bite and tear at the body from which they grow. They are poisonous, starting with nausea and dizzyness, going to musclecramps and stiffness before ending in unconciousness and, for weaker enemies, even death.

Telaraña del Regina (web of the queen)
A thread, thinn as spiders silk but over a hundred times stronger can be produced from Theresa's fingertips. These threads are sticky and can be attatched to anything she touches, the thread can then be drawn to wherever she wants by simply moving there.

She can also throw the threads by dragging them out from the other hands fingers and using both of her hands to accellerate and toss it.

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