The Manifest Wyrd

Affiliation: Itself, Arcadia Itself.
Titles: Fate, The Norn, The Threefold Seers
Wyrd: Always suppressed, all-consuming, all-encompassing.
Age: An alien concept to Time Itself.

Appearance: The Wyrd used to manifest as three blind women seers, but of late it has had the tendency to clothe itself in the shape of a tall humanoid figure wearing green robes. Its face is obscured by the shadows of the hood it wears, and it wears a pair of black steel gauntlets on its hands.

Personality: Aloof. Mysterious. All-knowing. Obsessive-compulsive about Fated actions occurring.


Supreme Contract of Time: The Wyrd has complete and utter control over time.
Supreme Contract of Fate: The Wyrd can perceive, change and enforce actions that are destined to happen. Curses can be levied, luck can be altered and destinies can be rewritten.
Supreme Contract of Wyrd: The Wyrd is omnipotent and omniscient regarding events in Arcadia. It can create a new Fae whenever it so desires, and can likewise write a Fae out of existence. Any Aspect of Reality can be doomed and fated to never be able to strike a Contract with a Fae.

Other Abilities

Impassive Watcher: The Wyrd may only ever take action if Fated events are in danger of being avoided.
Unflexing View: The Wyrd cannot comprehend the concept of free will. If presented with a choice, it will either directly ignore it if possible, or be compelled to take the action that disturbs the time line and fate of the world least.
Cryptic: The Wyrd is physically incapable of giving a straight answer when asked a question.
Total Dominance: No Fae can have any degree of Contract with Fate, Time or Wyrd. They are the sole domains of the Wyrd itself.
Eternal and Necessary: The Wyrd is Time and Fate. It does not age and cannot be killed. It can be harmed and its thoughts disrupted by stopping a Fated event from occurring.

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