The King Of The Wild Hunt

The Mightiest Hunter

Affiliation: The Grand High Court of the Fae, the Fae, the Wild Hunt.
Titles: King of the Wild Hunt, Erlking.
Wyrd: Dark Green
Age: ~100,000
Background: One of the oldest living Fae, the King of the Wild Hunt is second only to Old Man Oath in age. He has held his position for longer than almost any other fae can remember, remaining an enigmatic constant in the shifting politics of Arcadia.
Appearance: The King of the Wild Hunt is an imposing figure, standing seven feet tall when upright. He wears a blue skirt secured by a thick band of bronze and heavy boots over his legs and feet. He remains bare chested except for a leather harness. His face is concealed by a thick, beaked, bronze helmet, and two massive antlers sprout from the sides of his head. Lanky, dirty hair falls from the helm to his back. In battle, he carries a massive bronze shield and twisted spear, and bears a massive hunting horn.
Personality: The King of the Wild Hunt has little use for words. At his most chatty, he is still terse and laconic. He cares little for the politics and power struggles of the Fae courts, and spends most of his time hunting within the Thorns or the deep forests of his Realm. At his core, the King is a predator; for him, there is only the Hunt, either one of the massive Wild Hunts or a simple tracking of game.
The Wild Hunt: At seemingly random times, the King will vanish into his realm and emerge days or weeks later at the head of the Wild Hunt, an otherworldly host that rages through Britain, or, on occasion, elsewhere, hunting down pluses, hollows, and any human unfortunate enough to be caught in their path. The ultimate fate of those caught by the Hunt is unknown, but they do not pass on.

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