The Enclave

The Enclave was once an organization devoted to the extermination of monsters and demons more commonly known these days as Hollows. They existed during the 19th Century and continued to spread across Europe until they were eventually wiped off the face of the map by the very creatures they swore to cleanse. Because of the secretive nature of their work and their sudden disappearence, there is little to no remaining information about the Enclave in modern records.

However, a small number of members managed to survive the extinction and were transported over 150 years into the future, landing in modern day Japan. Disorientated from the sudden jump and with no one else to turn to, the remnants of the Enclave have taken it upon themselves to pick up their work where they left off and rebuild the glory they once had.

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Members of the Enclave were crafty. Since they found that many of their weapons were ineffective against the monstrosities they faced, they needed to find another way of harming the beasts. What they created were Glyphs. By inscribing the Glyphs into their weapons and armor, they were able to tap into new abilities that allowed them to do battle against the monsters on an even field. Each piece of equipment is permitted to have as many Glyphs inscribed upon it as the user wishes, however, it is difficult for anyone to maintain more than one active Glyph at any given time, so they are often used as single abilities during battle. Maintaining active Glyphs can also be difficult over extended periods of time, and depending on the strength of some Glyphs, can be very taxing on one's stamina.

Upon being inducted as a member of the Enclave, one's weapon(s) are inscribed with the same, passive Glyph; Reconcilio. When it is inscribed upon a weapon, it allows it to cleanse the spirits of the demons it slays (the same way a Zanpakutou does). When a creature is defeated, Reconcilio will often cause them to burn up in a brilliant, blue fire. Additionally, the Glyph has another benefit that the Enclave were never aware of. It resonates with the spiritual pressure of those around it, giving the user small boosts when facing more powerful foes, allowing them to maintain additional active Glyphs for longer periods of time. However, the resonace can also prove to be overwhelming if the spiritual pressure around the user becomes too great, so the technique can be dangerous to use without proper training.

Any piece of equipment can be imbued with Glyphs, ranging from weapons, armor, clothing, and other items. Some brave individuals were even said to have tatooed Glyphs onto their own skin, allowing them to use a sort of "magic" through their own body. However, such a process is reserved only for the most skilled members, as it is very difficult to master and can be dangerous if one is not trained properly.

Ranking Structure

The following is a breakdown of all the ranks in the Enclave, in descending order.

Master Crusader

The main authority of the Enclave. The Master Crusader is the highest position one can achieve in the organization, but comes with a great deal of responsibility. It is the duty of the Master Crusader to ensure the most important inner workings of the Enclave run smoothly and is the ultimate voice in assigning missions to others. The Master Crusader is also known to be one of, if not the most powerful member of the Enclave, though he rarely ever leaves the headquarters for any reason.

Knights of Six

Just below the Master Crusader, there are six more positions, each equal in authority. The Knights act as the primary commanding officers of the Enclave. They perform many duties around the Enclave, ranging from training other students within the headquarters, heading up important research or leading critical assignments in the wilderness. No one Knight has more specific duties than another, but they often tend to gravitate more toward what they each specialize in.


First Knight Felix Sergiu
Second Knight Andrzej z Gdańsk
Third Knight Lisette Morgane
Fourth Knight Donavon SintClare
Fifth Knight Josiah Kane
Sixth Knight


The position of a warden may not always be granted to a Hunter as they progress. In fact, it is not uncommon for a hunter to skip the rank altogether and become a Knight if one is needed. While Wardens are formidable opponents, they tend to take care of a great deal of administrative duties within the Enclave walls rather than traveling out on assignments. There are a few special titles that some Wardens are given as well, including:
Quartermasters - Those in charge of the Enclave's equipment and supplies.
Librarians - Those in charge of the Enclave's records and history books.
Scribes - Those in charge of the various Glyph resources the Enclave uses.


Quartermaster Joakim Morris
Scribe Nathanael Sunan

Hunter & Kinsman

Kinsmen and Hunters are the middle-class tiers in the Enclave, and are also the most numerous. They are the primary forces that are sent out on assignments and form the backbone of the Enclave. Much like the lower-tier ranks, there are not many differences between Kinsmen and Hunters other than the general skill levels and access to more restricted areas. In addition, they are given nearly full access to the quartermaster and are expected to prepare their own equipment and Glyphs before heading out into the world.

Oathman & Apprentice

The two lower-tier ranks in the Enclave spend most of their time training within the headquarters itself. The only major differences between the ranks are the general skill levels and access within the Enclave. Apprentices and Oathmen are only given access to limited equipment from the quartermaster and are not allowed to inscribe their own Glyphs. Anything else must be acquired with special permission from higher ranking members.


Pilgrims are the raw recruits. It is a title bestowed upon those that first enter through the Enclave's doors with the hopes of becoming a member. Although not necessarily considered an official member, each Pilgrim is given a special task to prove themselves; a Pilgrimage. For some, it can take weeks and for others, years. As soon as one proves to be a worthy candidate by completing their Pilgrimage, they are promoted to the rank of Apprentice.

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