Teller Of Woven Tales

Teller of Woven Tales
Affiliation: High Court of the Fey, the Fey
Titles: The One Who Ignores The Fourth Wall, The Bastard
Wyrd: Dark Orchid
Age: "As old as the story demands."

Appearance: Teller's real appearance is not known, as he never shows it.

Personality: Teller constantly changes his personality, but the dominant feature (and somthing that seems to have become ingrained in him, oddly enough) is a love for "the story". He will even deliberately lose a fight if the story demands it, and is perfectly willing to put himself in otherwise compromising situations to enhance The Story.


Minor Contract of a Thousand Faces

"Due to my role as the master of stories, I can appear as anyone from a story, and speak with their voice!

This is overlaid with my own, but I can dampen my voice and only speak with theirs! So yes, I can trick you into thinking I am Byakuya Kuchiki if I so desire. But, if I am playing a particular part in a story, I only ever use characters suited to the story!

It does take about an hour to switch, though. And I never do it onstage. NEVER. No, not even then.

And it's only when the story is just that, a story. If it was based on real events, I can't shift to them."

Basically, what he's saying here is that he can only shift into fully fictional characters from the point of view of BleachitP. So, he could shift into Byakuya, but not Daisuke.


Supreme Contract of a Thousand Abilities

"Ah, my most powerful ability. For indeed, a thousand different abilities are from a thousand different tales, and I can tell them all.

Whenever I appear as someone using my Minor Contract of a Thousand Faces, I gain their abilities, keyed to their power level, as well as my other Contracts apart from the Thousand Faces and Thousand Abilites! I gain all the skills nessesary to use those abilities, as well!

This does have limits. I cannot surpass what I would be if I were not imitating anyone with this ability. If I mimic someone who is more powerful than I could ever be, the abilities are… toned down a little."

Major Contract of Dramatic Tension

"Ah! I have the ability to manipulate event subtly in order to create a better story!

When I am defeated, I will inevitably escape, unless it is a final battle! Even then, I shall take one last action before expiring!

For good stories always have tension, and I can make this tension palapable! The kidnap of a loved one in order to make the fight personal… the last-ditch burst of speed to defeat your opponent… I am the personnification of all these things!"

Teller also has the standard contracts Fey who go into combat have. Celerity, Stone. Those ones.

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