Tamil Alatomous

Tamil Alatomous, VC squad 10 (Unless that is already filled in which case this will be

Age: 100, Female

She has short brown hair which is worn in a very short ponytail and golden eyes, her face is covered in what looks like a massive red blood droplet, however that is just a tattoo. She wears the normal robes as well as her VC badge, at her side always rests her Zanpaktou. She often wears a red bandanna over top of her hair, as well as red gloves.

A fierce warrior, she tends to bring such ferocity to the table when talking to others, however that is not to say she is not personable, she can be quite charming when she has to. Despite that she has decent relations with most of her squad, whether because of fear or genuine like of her is yet unknown. She believes that there is no such thing as a fair fight and is willing to do whatever she has to. to achieve victory.

Zanpaktou: Domnul Sangelui

Sealed Form
What looks to be a black and red blade, other then that it's fairly normal

Released Form

A long thin blade with a tear dropped shaped hilt, sword now red and white and has a teardrop shaped lynx paw on the hilt.


Blood Rain Singele apa de ploaie Domnul Sangelui
By drawing blood from herself she can send a torrent of blood shaped droplets from the sky, these droplets are quite dangerous and will burn organics and inorganics on touch

Fierbe sangele (Blood Boil) Ca maestru de sange ti-am poruncit sa arda si se fierbe, inflorescenta ca o floare de ei. Upon hitting after having used this the opponents blood will begin to boil causing them great pain.

Blood Harden Singele ii
Upon using this she can cause her own blood to rise to the surface and harden clotting her wounds and hardening her skin.

Bankai: [I]Recently achieved. [/I]
[I]Dance of blood and fire. [/I]Upon using this her sword vanishes and is reformed of blood, which she can then control completely even using her Shikai on. In addition when activated she shoots an enormous torrent of boiling blood.

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