Takahashi Squad

Takahashi Squad was a recent transfer to J-City. They responded to a serious fight between the Bount Roland and the Quincy Gokudo Ran within the Quincy Zone. For their trouble, all save the leader were slaughtered, and she was severely injured, tormented, and stripped of her zanpaktou. With the return of the zanpaktou by Gokudo Ran, it remains to be seen what the squad leader will make of her new lease on life.

Takahashi Eiko: One of the most idealistic members of 13th Division, Eiko had a strong desire to protect all mortals. What remains of such feelings, after being rather forcefully shown that not all mortals want her protection, remains to be seen. Eiko is Hakudo specialist, and competent in both Hado and Bakudo.

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