Suzuki Squad

Suzuki Squad is one of the J-City patrols of 13th Division. Its principal claim to fame is its Squad Leader, Suzuki Rin, the oldest of all the shinigami of 13th Division.


Suzuki Rin:
Age: 560 years
Appearance: A craggy woman in her late fifties, who smokes like a chimney, and wears little ornamentation over her usually scruffy uniform.
Personality: Like a battleaxe- direct, to the point, and generally unnecessarily aggressive. She has retained a very slight softer side, and does care deeply for both her other shinigami and the mortals she safeguards. After all, if she didn't, she wouldn't still be here, now would she?
Zanjutsu- while a competent swordswoman, Rin is getting older, and slower. She has never been able to contact her zanpaktou spirit.
Hakudo- This skill has aged better than her zanjutsu, as her style doesn't rely very much on speed or strength, qualities that are rather necessary in sword work
Hoho- Competent, and nothing more
Kido- She is one of the stronger Squad Leaders in this area, able to perform Rikujokoro with incantation, along with Hado 58: Tenran. Without incantation, however, she is generally limited to Hado and Bakudo below level forty, and the effects are at approximately half of their power above level twenty or so.
Tactical ability- this is her principal claim to fame. She is responsible for the creation of Plan Omega, as well as defending several cities against Gillian-class hollows with minimal forces.

Shin Tuhei: Well known in the squad as a bit of a layabout, Shin was nonetheless a rather skilled hakudo specialist. His body is presently the shell of the Kageshiki.

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