Soul Society

Soul Society is the Japanese afterlife (also called the spirit world). It is meant to correspond to Heaven or Nirvana in human belief systems. It is the place where most departed souls and the Shinigami dwell.



The Court of Pure Souls is in the center of Soul Society, a circular shiro with four main entrances, each guarded by a Gate Guardian. The walls of Seireitei are made of stone called Sekkiseki, a material known to negate all Reiryoku, similar to magnetic lodestones, preventing the ability to gather Reishi underneath your feet to walk in the air whilst within Seireitei. The stone also forms a spherical barrier around the city which stops anything spiritual from breaching it.


The outlying city surrounding Seireitei is the initial arrival point of any spirits entering Soul Society. It is made up of 320 different districts (80 in North Rukongai, 80 in West Rukongai, etc.) as it spreads out from the city, with the more peaceful and lawful lifestyles taking their place closest to Seireitei. The further one travels away however, the more violent and crime-infested the districts become.

Maggot's Nest

See Episode 9: Rot in the Nest of Maggots


Another part of the government are the Noble Houses, especially four of them, which are considered to be the highest of them all. The lower noble houses all serve one of the four each. Known Houses include:

Four Noble Houses

Kotetsu Family

Currently led by Hideki Kotestu.
Other Members: Mesuinu Kotetsu. Niece of Hideki.

Ryder Family

Currently led by Alexander Ryder.
Other members: Xavier Adam Ryder (heir), Alicia Eve Ryder. Both are Alexander's grandchildren.

Honoka Family

Currently led by Aiko Honoka.

Daikano Family

Officially lead by no one, the entire family was slaughtered. The sole heir is Helena Von Geister

Lesser Noble Houses:

  • Ryuuhei Family: A rich, aristocratic family that has a history of dabbling in somewhat shady dealings.
  • Satoshi Family: A newer noble house, sponsored by House Ryder. It will function as a sort of enclave. Currently led by Satoshi Tsukami


Gotei 13

The Gotei 13 is the organization which most Shinigami join. It is split into thirteen divisions (hence the name), with several divisions having certain specializations.

Kidou Corps

There is currently little information on the Kidou Corps, due to the secrecy in which they operate.

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