Numero 66 (Secretly Fraccion to the Quinta Espada)

Like Nico, Sora is a fraccion secretly apprenticed to Kira. Unlike him however, Sora has a bit more freedom to roam around and she doesn't meet with the Quinta Espada as often. Her extra freedom allows her to mingle with the other Arrancars. She is the 66 numero and was met by Kira after being born by Toho. She joined him of her own volition and as such, she doesn't resent him at all unlike Nico.

She is also similar to Kira in that she puts on an airy facade, but it is not nearly as dumb as Kira's false persona. Still, she remains to seem a little on the ditzy side. Another difference between she and the Quinta is that most other numeros already understand this about her, and lower level arrancars and hollows try to keep away from her.

Sora is very attractive and a little bit on the tall side for the women in Bleachitp, standing at 5'6''. She wears her hair partially knotted high on her head, and it is bound by her mask fragment which is apparently the eye. Half of her long, pale blond hair is also black, which is a small hint at the nature of her Resurreccion. The black of her hair also covers most of the right side of her face. Her white arrancar dress is a bit revealing as it exposes her shoulders and is low cut. There is also netting at the top of her dress.


Sora wields a regular katana with ornate designs of the sun and moon on the hilt and guard.

Resurreccion: "Mai, Gemini"

Sora holds her sword in front of her vertically, blade facing away then speaks the command. The mask fragment in her hair disintigrates and the colors in her hair make a definite split down the middle and in a flash of light the two halves of her body rip away from eachother. The two halves make two separate entities. Their power singularly increases severalfold but not as powerful as a normal Resurreccion.

The true power of Sora's release is in their capability to fight as one. Though releasing actually fractures her personality in two, they share a powerful link which allows them to fight together very effectively and gracefully.

She has more abilities but not many have actually seen her fight. Much less use them

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