Sigmund Nobel

Former Captain of the 4th squad

Appearance and Personality

Sigmund wears his clean, black hair at jaw length. His slim, metallic framed glasses feature reflective lenses that hide his violet eyes. Unlike most, he prefers to wear modern medical attire rather than a traditional uniform. Instead of the white haori over a black kimono, he sports a lab coat over a black dress shirt. His black slacks are adorned with a thin white belt to which his Zanpaktou is clipped. Black leather shoes over white socks complete this typical outfit.

Sigmund is something of a driven, social recluse. He, typically, only deals with others so far as his duties necessitate (though I’m thinking that he may keep the company of more pragmatic minded members of the 13). Off the clock, he indulges his obsession with self-improvement by multitasking the pursuit of various studies with a strenuous training and workout regimen. As a result of his compulsive habits: he is a Shunpo master and highly adept in the use of Kidou in addition to being a healing specialist. It should be noted that the Captain of the 4th and the Commander-General have a… somewhat strained relationship due to Sigmund’s tendency towards exceedingly pragmatic solutions. It was this mentality that compelled Sigmund to independently obtain Ban-kai (and secretly become a Vizard) long before beginning his officer training.

In the unlikely event that Sigmund is forced into a position to don his mask, it initially superimposes itself over his nose and mouth. His tongue elongates and becomes prehensile while his saliva gains powerful healing properties such as the ability to rapidly regenerate wounds and serving as a universal anti-venom. As rare as it is for Sigmund (the eternal pragmatist) to shy away from a course of action that will get the job done quickly, he refuses to use his mask unless all other options have been exhausted. As unlikely as it is, he's actually disgusted by both its looks and abilities.

Zanpakuto (Kyonshi)

Sealed form

The basic form of Kyonshi is an old looking straight edge razor with bits of shredded cloth dangling from it.

Shikai, "Tsukutsuku kame, Kyonshi." (Bite deep, Kyonshi)

Kyonshi takes the form of a rusty bone saw that acquires the curious option to almost harmlessly pass through matter. When doing so, Kyonshi temporarily disrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body, as well as traumatically altering the inverse process. As it moves through a creature’s body, its nervous system acts as though the solid version of the weapon is tearing through it. In short, if the weapon passes through the target’s shoulder, they will feel as though their arm has been severed (causing severe pain, and the loss of all function with that limb, without actually causing any lasting or physical damage).

Bankai, Satsubatsuna Kyonshi (Bloodthirsty Kyonshi)

Kyonshi’s Ban-kai form is that of an autopsy breadknife, with a severely notched and chipped blade. In addition to retaining it’s Shi-kai traits, it also gains the ability to leech (and store) spirit energy from whatever it contacts. Be it a Hollow, an energy blast, foreign Reiatsu, or even another’s Zanpaktou, all are food for this insatiable weapon. Energy absorbed by this Ban-kai can be used to empower his own abilities, or another’s, if he touches them with his weapon.

Spirit Form

Kyonshi resembles a well-preserved, but long dead, man wearing a traditional officer’s uniform. His floor length hair is light grey, his eyes are white, and his pale, prehensile tongue is exceedingly long. His fingers and toes end in serrated, black claws.

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