Shirubaru Reishiro

Captain of the 11th Division (retired)

Reiatsu Colour: Copper-ish

Shirubaru wears the normal Shinigami Captain garb, but with the sleeves ripped away to expose his arms. He has a shock of sandy-coloured hair and a thin red scar which cuts through his eye, leaving it as an exposed, shrunken hole. He constantly has a thin white sticking plaster stuck across the bridge of his nose, and his crooked nose has obviously been broken at some point in the past. His chin is covered in stubble and he constantly has a cigarette in his mouth or hand.

Personality: He treats everything around him as a mildly amusing joke, and makes light of any situation no matter how serious or grim. He's very hard to faze, and rather than be impressed by an enemy's release, he will just snark on it before attacking. He refuses to use his Bankai except when an opponent genuinely impresses him. He has nicknames for every other Captain, which he tends to use whether or not they are within earshot.

Zanpakuto: Abokku

Sealed form: Straight-up katana. The hilt is copper-coloured and very ornamental, being sculpted into the shape of a striking snake which twines around the blade. The snake has very small rubies for eyes,

Release phrase: "Atama wo Sote, Uto, Ābokku…" (Rear your head and strike, Ābokku…)

Shikai: The snake on the unreleased sword's hilt blinks and its red eyes start to glow. It hisses, and unwinds itself from around the blade. The blade now forms its tail. The snake grows hugely in size and coils several times around the wielder's upper torso. The wielder holds the snake by the tail, still using its tail-blade as a sword, while the snake itself rears its head up behind the wielder's head. The snake is still metal, so its coils around the wielder's body serve as nigh-invincible armour, though admittedly they only protect around the shoulders and chest (fortunately the only place where Bleach characters seem able to stab).

Shikai special abilities: When the wielder attacks, using the tail-blade of the snake as a sword, the snake's head also attacks. It can bite with razor-sharp metal fangs - these fangs release a slow-acting poison which induces hallucinations, slowed reflexes, and confusion, and then eventually the victim falls permanently into a coma. Not only that, but the snake can also open its mouth and fire a deadly red beam of light.

Bankai: The snake now begins to writhe and twist around the wielder, unwinding itself entirely from him and growing to a monstrous size, until it is now about as large as Renji's bankai. The snake also grows a massive cobra-like 'hood,' except this hood is made of an enormous number of copper-coloured spikes and blades. The snake can shoot these blades at enemies, either one at a time or in all directions, and if they hit their target and lodge in their flesh - or even if they miss and strike the ground - they begin to twist and ripple, and turn into snakes which have the same powers which Ābokku did as a shikai and which are under Ābokku's command. If the spikes do this when lodged in someone's flesh, they will immediately seek to bite their victim as many times as possible. The main, hooded, huge version of Ābokku also gains further powers - the beams of red light fired from its mouth are now much wider-ranging and more devastating, and can be sustained for long periods of time rather than short bursts. Furthermore, Ābokku is lightning-fast (though not quite as fast as a shinigami using shunpo), and can move through the ground as if it were water, emerging from any location.

Furthermore, as his Bankai is released, it will shed two of the spikes in its hood, which Shirubaru will pick up and dual-wield. This Shinigami ain't the type to stand back and let his Bankai do the work. Thus, the victi— ahem, opponent will be facing a pincer attack, with a fierce and skilled Shinigami, using Shunpo, attacking him from the front with a massive, irregular copper blade (which can transform into a snake at any point) in each hand, and with a Bankai swimming through the ground to attack from below or looming over behind. If the spikes Shirubaru uses to attack are ever lost or broken, more will fly into his hands from his Bankai.

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