Shimazu Soun

Name: Shimazu Soun - Dead

Division: Second Division

Rank: Unseated

Physical Appearance: Shimazu is a big man, standing 6'6" and weighing in at 245 lbs. None of that weight is fat, making him rather intimidating, physically.

Personality: Shimazu prefers quiet. Unfortunately, he's part of 2nd Division, and quiet is surprisingly lacking in their HQ. And since he dislikes tension, missions aren't very good either. They may be quiet, but they're tense. Shimazu is one of those people who only gets physically involved if he thinks it truly necessary. If he does, however, he tends to be rather brutal, compared to some. He doesn't believe in wasting force in a fight. His biggest motivator to fight would be his friends. Whom he will nonetheless snark at whenever he feels like it.

Reiatsu/Speech: Dark Red

Zanpaktou: Unknown Name

Zanpaktou Sealed Form: A nodachi with a dark red wrapped handle, and a triangular guard.

Shikai Command: Unknown

Shikai: Unknown

General Ability Rankings:
Ranked 1.0 to 10.0. 1.0 is worst (new Academy student) and 10.0 is best (undisputed master).

Stealth: 6.0

Escape Artistry: 6.0

Infiltration Skills: 6.0

Hand-to-Hand: 7.5

Footwork/Shunpo: 8.5

Swordsmanship: 9.0

Kido (Overall): 5.5
Bakudo: 2.0
Hado: 9.0

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