Shiaki Koujin

Captain of the 6th Division

A rather pleasant fellow, Shiaki Koujin is the recently appointed Captain of the 6th squad. He has an apparent age around 18, and is a little over 6 feet tall. He would easily be considered a Bishonen. He has tied back shoulder-length black hair, with brown-to-black eyes, and no facial hair. He wears a standard Shinigami uniform and captain's haori, though his zanpaktou is strapped across his back right to left rather than at his hip. His emotions are quite free, and can change rapidly. He is naive when it comes to captainly duties, being one of the most recently promoted captain and not having much experience with the position. When in combat he tends to let his adrenaline get to him, though if something serious pulls him off his buzz (like a friend getting hurt) he will become -very- serious.

His Reitsu isn't really colored so much as it distorts light coming through it, though faint iridescent flickers can be seen (text is in black italics). His reitsu is uniquely dense as well. It never extends far from his body (~30 feet at most), but all of it is compressed into this area causing his spiritual pressure to be incredibly strong. He is also able to manipulate it to a surprisingly fine degree, and can do things with it that most others would require kido for.

General abilities
Kido: Unable to use. Can wield his own spiritual pressure with fine enough control to replicate some kido-like effects.
Hakuda: Some skill. Not overly trained, and as such, mostly relies on his reaction time if pressed into unarmed combat.
Hoho: Moderate skill. Each leap is very fast, and can even rival some of the fastest in the Seireitei, but he cannot chain them, and is limited in distance. His ability to shunpo repeatedly is also limited, but that mostly arises from how little he uses it.
Zanjutsu: Highly skilled. His inability to use Kido and the focus of his zanpakutou both have led him to focus heavily in swordplay, and along with his impressive reflexes, he is a master swordfighter.

Unreleased, his Zanpaktou appears as a straight, slightly long katana, with a large, clear crystal set in the pommel. While unreleased, he can make minor items out of spirit-crystal, softball size/volume or smaller.

His Zanpaktou spirit appears as a thin, sinuous dragon made entirely of crystal, with an attitude that is usually the opposite of how Koujin is feeling at the time. If not, then snarky. He often talks to Koujin, though just as a voice in the back of his head.

Suishouba (Crystal Edge):With the command 'Kousai ni kudakero' (shatter into brilliance) he re-sheathes his zanpaktou horizontally in front of himself, which simultaneously seems to dissolve and regrow (right to left). Suishouba is about 4.5 feet long, and up to eight inches wide at it's widest. It appears to be made entirely out of transparent crystal, and has a few swirls and hooks emerging gracefully from the slightly curved blade. The weapon is incredibly hard and sharp, to the point that even blocking with it can nick and chip the opposing blade. When striking an enemy with it, small crystals will grow in the wound, causing pain, stiffening the area, and hampering movement. Koujin can snap off one of the small spikes and extend it into a pure-crystal duplicate of the weapon's unreleased form (the spike regrows after being removed). The newly-created off hand weapon shares the same properties as the released form.

Proto-bankai: Suishouba (Crystal Edge) (This is not a true Bankai, but more like a halfway step between first and final release.) The main form and the unreleased duplicate are held crossed in front of the face, then quickly snapped to the sides, where they 'shatter' into their bankai forms. The shikai form reduces in width while slightly increasing in length, while the duplicate increases until they become matching crystal blades. Identical, each has a curved handle and a graceful sweeping blade, with a small secondary curved blade extending from the front of each weapon. Koujin gains transparent and thin, though incredibly hard, armor over his torso, forearms and shins; and an elegant diadem of crystal (which still protects him quite well from head-blows). His Zanpaktou have increased in hardness to the point that they can snap even shikai with relative ease, and can cut through just about anything. They can even slice through reitsu, disrupting kido, zanpaktou abilities, and practically anything created from reishi/reirykou. When required, his proto-bankai's 'trump card' actually comes as a result of its release process. During the release, thousands of tiny shards of reshi crystal litter the area (same stuff his swords themselves are made from). By feeding on ambient reishi and reyrikou (his or his opponent's), they can grow quickly, trapping limbs, stabbing enemies, and forming protective walls. If combat leaves the general area that he released though, he is forced to scrape his twin blades together to create more 'reshi-crystal-dust'.

Koujin's "Mind World" appears as a large area of tiled ground, the five foot square tiles made from various precious and semi-precious gems. The whole area is enclosed in a massive geode, with a round opening in the top, where a partly-cloudy day can be seen. The sunlight is more often than not filtered by clouds, however it will occasionally shine in unhindered and make the entire place sparkle. The inner walls are coated in a mirrored surface, which reflects oddly in the shimmering light.

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