Name: Shexux
Title: Squirming Heir To Nature's Corruption
Wyrd: Dark Slate Gray
Age: ~200. He's young for a fae of his level.

Appearance: Long black hair with an unhealthy sheen and wetness that hangs down to his waist. Skin ranging from mottled grey to near-black, covered with slight markings that could be cracks or tattoos. A strongly sculpted face, eyes that pulse irregularly with purple, and a wide, smiling mouth filled with teeth like jagged scraps of metal. He wears trendy clothes in all-black, caked in unidentifiable stains.

Personality: Despite his obvious ambition, Shexux seems welcoming and pleasant, always with a kind word and a smile for a pretty lady or a handsome fellow. He's a bit "touchy-feely", however, and a look into his eyes will reveal a mind to match his teeth - sharp and tarnished.

History: One of the younger and more powerful fae in the Silver Court, Shexux's meteoric rise can best be attributed to his own personal ambition and ruthlessness, as well as the increase in the power of his contracts - he acquired them mere decades before pollution began its climb to the top of the world. As "Heir To Corruption" Shexux is currently seeking a Supreme Contract with Corruption itself, hoping to gain enough power to push himself out of the Silver Court and high into the Gold.


Minor Contract Of Fire: Shexux may manipulate existing fires, although not to the extent that would allow directly combat-useful applications.

Minor Contract Of Vociferation: Shexux speaks in a tar-black-honey-dipped baritone - his voice is enough to make others overlook his appearance at the very least, and cause outright persuasion in the weak.

Adequate Contract of Celerity: Shexux may move at speeds comparable to shunpo, although he seems to flow unhealthily rather than run.

Adequate Contract of Stone: Shexux has superhuman strength and toughness, as indicated by his filthy grey skin.

Average Contract Of The Filthy Sun: Shexux may store, draw power from and manipulate any kind of "dirty" energy, be it from a coal-burning furnace or a radioactive plant.

Average Contract Of The Discarded: Shexux may manipulate, empower and draw power from trash, waste and garbage of all kinds.

Major Contract Of Vilesmog: Shexux may create and manipulate smoke, smog, and a variety of disgusting fumes in any way he pleases.

Major Contract Of Grosslime: Shexux may create and manipulate sludge, slime, and any manner of toxic run-off that pleases him.

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