Senna Rukuchia

8th Seat of the 5th squad

Name: Rukuchia (last name); Senna (first name)
Reiatsu: Orange


Senna's eyes are probably her most prominent feature, a beautiful hazel in colour and always mild, as if remembering something fond. She is rather short, her hair is a soft red colour and cropped at shoulder length, she carries a small tatoo of a phoenix rising from an open flower on her shoulder, it is no bigger than two inches in height and one in width. She wears a calmly coloured orange sash with a flower pattern made of gold with her uniform.


Rukuchia has always been calm, however, nowadays, there is something else hanging over her, some people think that it has something to do with the deffecting of her captain, she seems… sad. Rukuchia doesn't always maintain her calm and soothing mood though, especially not when critique is directed toward her sense of beauty, if she likes a pair of shoes or a shirt and someone even looks oddly at it… they will soon come to realise that keeping your thoughts to yourself might be a good course of action in future encounters with the red-haired demon.

Zanpakuto, Hōō (Phoenix)

Hōō's sealed state takes the shape of a slightly shorter Katana in order to better apply to Rukuchia's height. The hilt is orange and the guard is in the shape of a circle, within which a phoenix stretches between autumn leaves and early spring flowers.

Shikai, "Shunjû, oboete wasureru, mata umareru, Hōō!" (Spring and Autumn, I remember and I forget, Be born again, Hōō!)

When releasing, a beautiful cry is heard, it is akin to a thin golden bell being rung, the same sound as the warm sunlight passing through the leaves of the forrest and breaking the dark clouds of winter, it almost sounds like snow melting.

The sword transforms into a pure white Jo with a thinnly etched red vine running allong it on opposite sides, one with spring flowers, the other with autumn leaves. This is one of the more beautiful Zanpakuto's in the Gotei 13.
In addition to the Jo, a beautiful bird of fire, about the size of a falcon is born and perches on Senna's shoulder.

The Jo causes heated, and on occasion flaming, impacts wherever it hits and it is strong enough to block most attacks directly, much like a normal zanpakuto.

Aki no omoide (Memories of autumn)
The bird turns ethereal and passes through the head of the foe, causing them to see the world around them as if though it was autumn, a thick carpet of leaves seemingly covering the ground forgetting where they are and who they are fighting. This doesn't prevent them from blocking or striking, but as soon as Senna moves away for a bit, or the bird passes through them again, they have once more forgotten about it all.

Haru no hono'o (Flames of Spring)
The bird shoots off, a projectile of fire as it hurtles toward the enemy at immense speeds. Upon contact, the bird explodes into a cascade of fire, a few flames however, will always remain, fluttering through the air, back to Senna, where they merge together and a new bird is reborn.

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