Second Division

Second Division is the Stealth Division, at it's most basic. While on the surface, it may appear to be like the Canon Second Division or Canon Onmitsukido, it actually carries far fewer duties. In this setting, "Onmitsukido" is simply another name for 2nd Division.

Basic Stats and Description

Division Size: 200. 20 Seated Officers (Including Captain and Vice-Captain), 180 Unseated.

Division Training Levels: 2nd Division is considered one of the best-trained divisions. Due to their small size and mission profile, they train harder than other divisions, leaving them to be marked as something of an "elite" division. As well, all but a very small number of members did not start out in the Division, but transferred in after gaining some level of experience. This does lead to a reputation of the Division "poaching" members from other Divisions.


Stealth Operations: 2nd Division specializes in stealth operations, its members knowing a combination of stealth kido and methods to suppress their reiatsu.

Force Recon: The focus on stealth, combined with a general level of talent for speed, leaves them as being naturals for reconnaissance. Their level of combat skill means they don't need to fear contact with the enemy, as they can, at least, survive to retreat and/or link up with a stronger force.

Executive Militia: At times, 2nd Division will work with 8th Division to suppress and even terminate rogue Shinigami. Most typically, these are unusually powerful rogues, such as Captains, Vice-Captains, and other seated officers. Due to a long-standing tradition/quirk of the Captain(s) of the 2nd, they have a large number of data files on other Divisions and their officers. Not to be accused of bias, they have extensive analysis of themselves as well. All files are accessible to the Commander-General and 8th Division Captain, and certain files are accessible at all times to different Divisions. What is accessible to whom depends on several factors, not the least of which being how well they would counter the target Division. Further access is available under limited conditions. Satoshi's files are accessible to, among others, the Commander-General, 8th Division Captain, and current Kenpachi. As well as his own Vice-Captain.

Acquisition of the information contained in these files is often seen as a chance for members of the Division to train. After all, the best information is that which is gathered without the target's conscious knowledge. People tend to gloss over things when just asked about it, or even asked to demonstrate.

Combat Abilities: 2nd Division emphasizes hand to hand combat and precise swordsmanship. The intent is to kill as quickly and cleanly as possible. If necessary, they also possess the skill to disable opponents with no lasting harm. Satoshi has ensured that there are at least some Kido users scattered in his Division. However, they aren't allowed to lose ground in other skill areas.
As well, all Seated Officers (Captain to 20th) have at least Shikai.

Other Emphasized Skills: All members know at least basic escape artistry. Some are skilled enough to be able to compete with mortals who spend their entire life focusing on this one pursuit. Many have some level of skill in lockpicking. Others are good at forgery. Essentially, one can assemble a small team from this division, and be assured that they have a complete set of espionage skills, as well as battlefield skills.

So basically, 2nd Division in this setting is 200 people who are the toughest, fastest, hardest, most elite ninja-scout-special forces to grace Soul Society.

(Note: Any duties not explicitly mentioned in this entry are covered by other Divisions and Groups.)

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