Sato Squad

Sato Squad is one of the 13th Division squads that patrol J-City, and one of the more skilled 13th Division patrols in general. They are the squad that responded to the recent biker with an attitude problem and a chained Hollow, as well as the smoke-dog Hollow which attacked Lan Jia of the Samsara, as they do not yet know that she is a definite threat.


Sato Ryu: Squad Leader. Endlessly pragmatic; once teamed up with a neutral arrancar to defeat an influx of normal Hollows. His specialty is zanjutsu, though he's skilled enough with Bakudo to know Tenteikura.

Nobunaga Abe: Rookie member of the squad. Better with zanjutsu than anything else, but not far above the squad average in that.

Sasaki Kimiko: Final zanjutsu specialist. Able to perform any bakudo below twenty without incantation. A bit more diplomatic than the other squad members.

Suzuki Kanzue: Healer and kido specialist. Best in the squad in low-level Hado, and the only one who's able to perform Shakkaho without incantation.

Arai Kaoru: Close-quarters combat specialist. Frequently paired with Kanzue, as her skills work ideally for guarding the more fragile healer. Also not bad with zanjutsu.

Watanabe Misaki: A recent transfer from Fourth Division, Misaki is a superior healer, and highly proficient in Bakudo, able to perform up to level thirty without incantation. She is also skilled in Hado and Hakudo, though her zanjutsu lags a bit.

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