Santago Kalatra

Fracción to the Primera Espada

Appearance and Personality

Santago is a slim, male Arrancar who has a rather feminine appearance. He has long, olive-colored hair that reaches down to the middle of his back. The remains of his hollow mask form a narrow band across his eyes with long green slits acting as eye holes (similar to Findor Carias's mask). His Arrancar uniform vaguely resembles that of a Spanish soldier and he wears his hakama tucked into his tall black boots. His hollow hole is not visible.

Personality-wise, Santago is very different from Marro. He is impatient and hot-headed, often jumping into battle at a moments notice. He has a lightning quick temper that can be burned down with nothing more than a simple insult. However, his impulsive nature makes him an excellent fighter, and despite his flaws, he remains completely loyal to Marro.

Zanpakuto: Hidra (Hydra)

Santago's zanpakuto is identical to Marro's in every way, and since he is part of his resurrección, he cannot release the sword himself.

Powers and Abilities:

Cero: Santago has a dark green cero, which he fires from an open palm.

Incredible Speed: Santago is quick-tempered, but also quick-footed. He prides himself as being the fastest of Marro's Fracción, and isn't afraid to let others know his abilities.

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