Fracción to the Primera Espada

Appearance and Personality

Sana-Rita has dark skin and thick brown hair which hangs down to the middle of her back. She wears a much more revealing version of the standard Arrancar outfit, which shows a fair portion of her breasts and stomach. The sleeves are rolled up past her elbows and she wears white gloves on both hands. The remains of her hollow mask form a row of bone underneath her bangs which extend into two large fangs that reach down both sides of her face and stop just before her chin. Her hollow hole is positioned halfway between her naval and breasts, and is easily visible due to her short jacket.

While Sana-Rita can usually hold her composure, she does not like playing about in battle. She prefers to get things over with as quickly as possible and rarely holds back. Despite this, however, she will still get riled up when insulted by others, especially from her fellow Fracción.

Zanpakuto: Hidra (Hydra)

Sana-Rita's zanpakuto is identical to Marro's in every way, and since she is part of his resurrección, she cannot release the sword herself.

Powers and Abilities:

Cero: Sana-Rita has an orange colored cero, which she charges and fires from her fist.

Strength: Although somewhat slow, Sana-Rita has a great deal of physical strength, and doesn't tend to hold back when fighting.

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