Ryoichi Yasu

Name: Ryoichi Yasu (First Name meaning "Peaceful")
Affiliation: Shinigami
Rank: 5th Division, Unseated
Gender: Male
Reatsu/Speech Color: Blue Ash


Yasu is a bookish, but distinctly handsome Specimen of a Reaper; he stands at just below average height, but has a Presence of Personality that makes up for his nonthreatening stature. Though Shinigami age can be somewhat subjective considering their long lifespans, Yasu has a sense of outward Youth matched evenly by inner Experience (particularly in his eyes). His wrinkled dirty Blonde hair usually grows a little long from neglect, but has a roguish charm to match his inquisitive, dark Blue eyes and subtly delicate features. His hands are steady and dexterous, a sign of his expertise in the various Gestures and hand Arrays that he has mastered over his centuries.

Yasu carries his Zanpaktou standardly on his Left side, and can also at times be seen carrying any of a variety of Walking Staffs that have only enhanced his reputation as a Reclusive Wizard. These can range from simple Wooden creations all the way to more refined pieces set with colored Gems at the crown, but are universally Thin and lightweight.


Yasu is pleasant and peaceful in nature, but is instilled with a ferocious drive and Focus that can rub some people the wrong way if they see the wrong side of it. Yasu's primary Passion is in his Research and Pursuit of Knowledge in the Shinigami arts, and all other pursuits take back seat to this Driving motivation.

Yasu often sequesters himself away from the world, either closing himself in his Private Study, or just as often setting out on wandering journeys through Soul Society and even the Mortal World and beyond, taking time to himself to organize his thoughts and experiment with his Kidou. Though he is naturally very peaceful in disposition, he can be irritable if he is interrupted or called away from his research. Despite this he is always willing to help, so long as there is something in it for him. Disregarding his preference for solitude, he is often called on for Personal favors (and less often to assist his Division), but always manages to turn a Profit in some way. A few people in particular have learned what to bribe him with, and sometimes even get Return Customer discounts.

The thing that can be counted on most reliably to distract Yasu from his work are the Female Charms. Yasu treats women like Fine Wine; they are valuable, delicate, refined, and he samples as many as he can. Yasu treats the women he works with with Respect and Dignity, but does not deny the Intoxicating effect that they can have on him, especially with increasing quantities. Females will receive unabashed preference and special attention from him, as well as being the first that he will jump to save or hesitate to put in harm's way. He is immediately attracted to the hurting and vulnerable, loving nothing more than to offer his support and comfort in time of need in any way he can. However, Yasu will never, never cross the line with any woman who is not fully willing to, and young or otherwise, he will Never take advantage of them.


Yasu started as an upstart Academy student with Big Ideas about the way things worked, and was always willing to gush said ideas on anyone who would listen… much to the chagrin of his classmates and teachers, who all knew him to be completely wrong. Since he himself has discovered that back then, yes, he was in fact Completely Wrong. But that courage to challenge the established and the Ideas that took root in those days eventually grew into the comprehension that he has now, far beyond anyone except perhaps Specialist Captains in its advancement. While Yasu is technically of a Level equal (and in some ways surpassing) established Vice-Captain level, he has refused to involve himself in Divisional Politics in any way, and refuses nearly all forms of Responsibility asked of him. This is because any such responsibility would only detract from his personal studies, which is impermissible in his mind, but whatever the reason he is technically an Unseated in his Division.

Once, a long time ago, Yasu accepted a position in the Academy teaching Kidou Practice and Theory to students there. However, in addition to detracting from his Research time, this eventually caused too many needy young girls to Stand Too Close to Him, and while he thoroughly enjoyed it at first, could not continue in good Conscience and left.

Yasu does enjoy explaining his findings and Theorems to those who are eager to gain more understanding in Kidou, but has long since come to understand that most people grow bored or confused with his more thorough explanations. Usually he refrains from discussion of Kidou at all, for various reasons, and when he is dragged into any level of explanation, he resorts to 'nutshell' analogies to get the basic, basic, basic point across.

Through his travels through the Seireitei, the Mortal World, and even perhaps to Other lands that Shinigami Do Not Travel, Yasu has taken an interest in the capabilities and powers of a variety of creatures, including Quincies, Spiritually Aware humans, and even Hollows, all the way up to Arrancar (though he has not seen many of the latter in action). A few or more of his own developed abilities were designed to mimic or duplicate effects he has witnessed being used by members of these other factions.


Kidou Master: As an Advanced member of the Gotai 13's Kidou Corps, Yasu is extremely proficient with Kidou, and uses it even more than his Zanpaktou. He believes Kidou to be much more versatile and efficient than his Zanpaktou in most respects, but also recognizes the times when his Soul Cutter is the better choice. Through his Self-training and advances in understanding, Yasu has discovered various Short-cuts and Energy-saving techniques that allow him to create a Kidou of equal strength for less energy. This, combined with a great capacity for Kidou to begin with, lets him use many, many Kidou before getting fatigued.

Advanced Kidou Theory: This has been Yasu's primary focus for nearly the entirely of his time with the Kidou Corps. He believes that Kidou on the whole is much stronger and has much more potential than the majority of the Gotai 13 understands yet. Yasu has been developing his understanding of Kidou for many years, and the results of this understanding and Practice are wide and far-reaching.

—Complex Forms: Everything is stronger with a Name. Thus, when Yasu discovered new ways of using his ability for Kidou, he invented a new category of Demon Magic in order to Name and Number these new, Advanced Kidou. In Theory these Complex Forms could be taught to any Shinigami capable of Kidou, but many require a level of Skill and Deeper Understanding than most Shinigami can afford to devote to Kidou (at the potential sacrifice of their other duties).

—Meta-Kidou: Yasu has learned multiple ways of altering the effects of Kidou on the fly in order to adjust them appropriately to the current situation.

—Counter-Kidou: Perhaps the most difficult and hardest to control ability at his Disposal, Counter-Kidou applies a Kidou's perfect Opposite in order to neutralize it. This may take many different forms, but is often takes an appearance appropriate to match the Kidou being neutralized.

Shunpo Practitioner: Yasu's Shunpo is rather Average in speed and distance, but as a side-effect of his great Control in Kidou, he has a very efficient Shunpo and can execute a very high number back to back before getting tired.

Basic Hand-to-Hand: Yasu has a very basic skill in Hand-to-Hand combat, but is very easily overwhelmed by anyone with even average skill.

Stoneskin: In an attempt to mimic the Arrancar Hierro, Yasu has discovered an (admittedly less effective, but still quite useful) Shinigami variant that protects him from some damage. This ability is always active, but can be enhanced with concentration.


Name: Teitoushu (Razor Paw)

Sealed Form: Teitoushu takes the sealed form of a short Katana (not a Wakizashi, just a Katana with a shorter blade)
Sealed Abilities: Teitoushu's blade resonates with the presence of Kidou in the area, so long as it is of sufficient strength. This Resonation is not strong enough to be felt while the sword is in its sheath, but manifests as a subtle vibration and ringing hum when drawn.

Release Phrase: "Glimmer: Teitoushu!"
Shikai: Teitoushu becomes a simple Gauntlet that covers Yasu's Right hand, and from which a series of Razor Wires are deployed and controlled. These wires are continually re-sharpened by Reatsu, and as such are always unbelievably sharp, but will not cut or harm Yasu himself in any way. This allows him to use his other, ungloved hand to control the wires as well as his Gauntleted hand. Though he only controls a certain number of the Wires at a time, there are apparently many more Wires in the Gauntlet than he controls at once, as when the preexisting wires are broken or tied down, he can easily detach them from the Gauntlet and release new ones.
Shikai Special Abilities: Teitoushu's abilities are Primarily Martial, and so Yasu does not resort to their use often. They do, however, lend themselves to creative use with certain Kidou, and so Yasu does recognize their usefulness for the appropriate times. The careful control of Reatsu through his Shikai Gauntlet allows control and almost 'puppeteering' of the Razor wires through force of Will alone; this, combined with literal control in the form of complex and precise hand, arm, and body movements gives him Complete control of the various wires under his control.

While the wires themselves are already so thin as to be nearly invisible to the eye, Teitoushu possesses the ability to Cloak its wires further through use of a Kidou-like ability to turn them completely Invisible. This forces the wires themselves to remain either immobile, or move very slowly in order to maintain the invisibility. While in Shikai Yasu's Shunpo is slightly enhanced for increased speed and Non-detection; the same, relatively simple Invisibility Kidou-like ability is activated automatically whenever he utilizes Shunpo, making it much more difficult to track his Steps.

Finally, while the wires themselves are infinitely sharp, Yasu can suppress this sharpness at will in order to capture, trip, catch, lift, or otherwise use his Wires in such a way as to not cut someone or something. As mentioned, this is applied to himself automatically.


Not achieved.

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