Ruy Crecendiero

Rank: Fraccion to Elizabeth Rosemarie


Cero color: Royal Blue
Reatsu: Crimson Red


Ruy has wild, hungry eyes, always changing in expression and intent, but always retaining their powerful undercurrent of unabated Insanity. His hair is scattered and unkempt, looking as though he simply hacked it off with a sword when it gets in his eyes; however, it still has an indifferent charm about it that oddly fits his personality perfectly. It is thick and nearly black, but gleams Blue in the light. He is extremely well muscled, a fact that is usually lost to how skinny he is. His Hollow is larger than most others, and sits right at the base of his ribcage.

Ruy's dress consists of the standard white Hakama and Tabi sandals, as well as what appears to be a chain-mesh undershirt beneath a shoulder-coat trimmed with dark blue. On one side of his face all the way along his chin is the remnant of his mask, which consists of a row of teeth resembling a Faceguard. His Zanpaktou sits, forgotten, at his waist.


""Penitence. 'Penitence' implies Forgiveness. Forgiveness which is not yours to give. From those I can… I beg my forgiveness. It is theirs to give or withhold… and I am at their mercy. …From those I can no longer beg, those whom none remember, for those Sins that you know nothing of, you, oh Self-proclaimed Judge… …for that Forgiveness I only wish a chance to ask. I bear the weight of my sins alone, repenting the only way left to me; to Live. My Life is my Penitence. Your 'Penitence' is empty, Old Man. Do as you will."

Ruy has been an Adjuhas for going on 25 years, a surprisingly short time compared to a Hollow's lifespan. The time has taught the impossible-to-teach Hollow Two things. Everybody, no exceptions, is after their own ends, do not care in the least about anybody else, and are all Liars who will say anything to help themselves. The second; Violence is the only answer. To everything. Ruy is openly aggressive toward all around him, without exception. He seems to be completely incapable of the concept of Respect, and does not even recognize the trait in others. He has no ideas of honor or any such petty ideas; he is just as likely to verbally or physically attack one who has spared his life three seconds ago as someone he has just met. However, his raving violence is not so predictable as to be counted on to be consistent.

As an Adjuhas, Ruy seemed to have two speeds that he switched back and forth between with apparently no knowable trigger or reason; in the one, he was broodingly quiet, begrudgingly subdued, even peaceful. He could almost be reasoned with, at times, and though he was still sarcastic and disrespectful, he spoke in complete sentences and remembered things like people's names. In the other, he was completely beyond reason. He attacked and destroyed without distinction and without care, slaughtering Hollow, Arrancar, Shinigami, Bount, Quincy, and Human without difference. Since his transformation into an Arrancar, Ruy's attitudes and impulses seem a little more controlled, but he still takes an inordinate amount of insane glee in the wanton slaughter of even his fellow Arrancar. He retains the two basic personalities above, with two differences: he is now capable of recognizing someone stronger than he, and may choose not to attack them on those grounds (though he is still not guaranteed to do so…). The second difference is that he is capable of defining an Ally, someone who is actually on his side as opposed to the rest of the world. However, no one he has yet met has fulfilled the unknowable criteria for this great honor in his eyes.


Ruy's Zanpaktou has no name, but instead a number: Threce (XIII) (Pronounced Thrae-sae)

Though Ruy's Zanpaktou is ever at his side, he does not ever use it, or hardly even notice that it is there. He has, in fact, thrown it away multiple times; only the fact that it has reappeared in his sash has kept it with him as long as it has. Ruy instead fights with his bare hands, teeth, legs, Cero, and pure, unadulterated hatred for all things.

Though he does not use it, the Zanpaktou is a beautiful weapon in and of itself; its blade is wider than a standard Zanpaktou, and is rimmed all the way around the edge of the blade with a thin blood channel reminiscent of European swords, despite its decidedly Japanese shape. The sword itself is, in fact, much stronger than many unreleased swords are, adding to his strength, speed, and defensive power just by pulling it from the sheath. In addition, it bears an amazingly sharp blade… if he only knew how to draw it.

Hollow Powers:

Ruy relies exclusively on his Hollow abilities, not so much Rejecting the Shinigami half of him as much as forgetting that it is even there. Even so, however, his power is nearly doubled by becoming an Arrancar over his old form as an Adjuhas, and so it is plenty of strength for him to explore and enjoy… For now.

Hierro: Ruy's Hierro is only slightly above average, protecting him from simple sword wounds and many medium-level kidou, but not much to mention when dealing with higher levels.

Sonido: Ruy finds that the Sonido is his favorite new power since becoming an Arrancar, and is endlessly fascinated by it. He is able to execute a nearly infinite string of Sonido back-to-back without tiring; however, the actual speed of those Sonido is only about average as well.

Cero: Ruy's Cero was, even as a Menos, never to him the most interesting weapon in his arsenal. Though he is proficient with Cero, even able to fire two at once (though at half strength for each), he finds the pillar of energy boring and not worth his time. Cero doesn't see much use.

Regeneration: Ruy is capable of recovering from nearly any wound, regardless of severity. The magic number is 24 hours; light wounds and fatal wounds alike heal at a varying rate such that they are fully repaired in exactly 24 hours. If the wound is severe enough that he cannot survive a full 24 hours thereafter, then his injuries are too severe to be recovered from, and can only be repaired with outside help.

Hoja de la Alma (Blade of the Soul): If Sonido is his favorite New power, Hoja de la Alma is his favorite old power, one that used to be part of his very form when he was an Adjuhas. Even though he traded the aberrant form of an Adjuhas for the nearly human shape of an Arrancar, he has somehow retained this capability even through. Ruy himself does not call this technique by any name, or even seem to recognize that there is anything special about it. As far as anyone knows, however, it is completely unique to him.

Ruy's hands, fingers, and forearms, while looking completely normal, are in fact sharp— very, very sharp, in fact. Ruy is capable of making straight, clean cuts with the edge of his palm, as though it was a Katana of incredible sharpness. In addition, Ruy's hands and arms are nearly indestructible, blocking blades, reatsu blasts, and Ceros without sustaining damage. When Ruy is not actively trying to cut something his hands are completely normal; however, whenever his intent is to slice, the effect is Reflexive and instantaneous, requiring absolutely zero thought or effort to manifest or maintain.


Ruy has not so much as bothered learning how to draw his sword, much less wielding it, but if he were ever to do so, Ressurecion would certainly come naturally, as is the way of Hollow.

"Bring Peace through Chaos; Threce."
Ruy's form reverts halfway to his Hollow form as an Adjuhas; porcelain armor covers his entire body, overlapping in large plates across his chest and back, and his Hollow mask reforms almost completely, leaving only one eye and a patch of hair uncovered by the Faceguard. However, these changes are dwarfed and rendered completely inconsequential by the largest change; built into the forearm guards of his armor and extending down both arms are two huge, rectangular blades that are attached along his forearms by sets of double-rails on the undersides of the blades. They stretch nearly five feet past his fingertips on both sides, and are about a foot and a half wide. Two handle-like pieces of metal reach down from the guards for his hands, making the huge Razors like part of his arms… The way they were as a hollow. However, in one way they are different; the two blades actually have two positions and can switch back and forth instantly; the first has the front of the blade resting just below his fingertips, and the backs reaching upward past his shoulders. This is primarily for defense, as the flats of the blade provide wide, almost Tower Shields. However, with a snap of his arm he can send the blades sliding along the rails set on the underside to bring them out to their full length, the back of the blade just above his elbow, and the other five feet extending into his offensive Reach. The blades are sharpened on both sides, though they are blunt at the squared tips. Even in spite of their size and weight, the razor-sharp blades are swung and hefted by the Ressurected Arrancar so lightly and quickly that it is as though they were as light as paper.

Trece's abilities are named by those around him, not by Ruy himself… just out of pure indifference.

Eyes of the Death God
Ruy's eyes glow faintly red when he is in Ressurecion, but this glow can be concentrated upon and increased until his eyes are completely lit up. When this is in effect, Ruy is capable of evaluating an opponent's Strength in relation to his own with near pin-point accuracy; Ruy is able to see the Strength of the viewed target's Most Powerful attack or ability, regardless of what that attack may involve. An Important Note: This ability does not show the attack itself, merely the absolute value of its strength. Ruy will not know whether or not a Shinigami has Bankai and Vizard mask, only that the Shinigami's most powerful attack, whatever that is, would likely vaporize him where he stood. This gives Ruy an edge; in knowing how powerful an attack to expect, Ruy is much harder to catch off guard.

Blood Flash
Perhaps the most incredible of 13's powers, Ruy's Ressurecion grants him access to a completely new form of high-speed movement, different from both Sonido and Shunpo, and more powerful than either. Unlike either Shunpo or Sonido, this undiscovered technique is not a matter of moving from one point to another, but of simply Existing there at will. While in Shunpo and Sonido both the user must traverse the distance between the starting point and the destination, even at effectively instant speeds, this technique bypasses the distance altogether and simply Appears wherever it deems to. This means two things; the first is that the technique is completely untraceable, as not even the invisible blur of Shunpo can betray its movements. The second is that its distance is effectively unlimited, and takes exactly the same amount of time to travel two feet as it does hundreds of miles.

Those who are capable of seeing through even extremely high-level Sonido report that the only thing visible of the technique is the shortest blink of Red, thus giving the technique its name. It has been theorized that this could even transport Ruy between Worlds, between Hueco Mundo, the real world or Soul Society, but Ruy has never bothered to try it. Using this technique does not seem to put any more strain on Ruy than an ordinary Sonido.

This ability can only be used once Ruy has revealed his True Personality. When Ruy is hard pressed by a strong opponent, he can willingly shatter both of the Blades that are strapped to his arms. Swinging them both at one another together, Ruy breaks the upper half of both blades off right at the middle, leaving them jagged and broken. However, this compresses the full power of the full blades into half the size, doubling their speed, maneuverability, and Cutting power at the cost of their Reach. In addition, the tips are left jagged and sharp, making them good for Stabbing as well as slashing movements, unlike before.

Segunda Etapa:

Major Arcana: The Fourth Horseman.

This final power of Ruy Crecendeiro can only be entered after Rebirth, and even then Only after both of his Blades have been completely Shattered by his enemy, somehow without killing him.

Ruy's suit of Armor begins to glow, and shatters into a thousand pieces. Those pieces form together and become a massive Scythe, the Blade of which is nearly as tall as he is. He himself is dressed in flowing, White silken robes, tied at the waist with Black rope. His hair grows to three times its normal length, and all of his limbs grow slender and weak looking, almost like a Skeleton. Behind him, he reveals great, tan, bat-like wings; these do not move, but seem to grant him a power of Levitation-like flight, even in places where it should be impossible to stand or walk in mid-air. All of Ruy's normal capabilities of Hierro, Regeneration, and Cero are increased by a great amount, in addition to its own powers. Ruy's eyes become completely black, and he seems able to see in every direction. His Scythe is completely immune to all damage of any kind, and can cut anything, of any hardness, from any distance with one swing. Ruy himself is nearly immune to damage, his Regeneration increased by a factor of about 10; though he still cannot regenerate lost limbs or survive otherwise fatal hits, any attack that can get through his increased Hierro will be completely repaired within minutes.

Finally, the Blood Flash from his Resureccion is enhanced and superpowered to Unimaginable levels. Where before only those capable of especially high-speed sight note the red glimmer as he vanishes, now the entire Sky is stained Blood red by the constant rapid chain-fire use of the ability. Ruy, in a sense, exists Simultaneously Everywhere that there is; he merely Chooses where to focus his Existance for that particular moment, or even how many places at once he wishes to exist in, completely at will.

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