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Shirubaru: "And now to reveal my giant snake…" (closeup on crotch)
Audience: *gasp*
Shirubaru: "…Bankai!"
Man: "Thank God, I thought he meant his p****!"
Team FourStar's DBZ Abridged, paraphrased

No Elizabeth!
Don't get in that unlicensed taxi! Hans is living Rohypnol.
- Wraithy

I am the bone of my treatise.
Paper is my body, and ink is my blood.
I have written over one thousand pages.
Unknown to failure, nor known to completion,
I have withstood pain to write many words.
Striving for a cause I love,
I have no regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life was "Unlimited Essay Works".
-The real reason Metta does so well in school
(quote by Kasanip, parodying a certain archer)

You have to be an arrancar. You have to be decently powerful. And since Von Geister will be doing the selections (Toho is one of his trips off), that means you have to be something he will approve.
That means, you can't be an anti-hero, a bestial sociopath, you can't nourish treasonous thoughts on your spare time, you can't be a shinigami in disguise, a mortal in disguise, a quincy in disguise, a devil in disguise, a bount in diguise you can't be a vizard, you can't be The Spirit King, you can't be just a common menos, you can't be just a common hollow, you can't be actually stronger than the Primera (or the segunda, tercera, cuarta, quint aor sexta, you can be smarter than the two last ones, however), you can't be from the Naruto setting, you can't be from Sakura Card Captors, you can't not be an arrancar, you can't be righteouser-than-thou towards the Ghost King, you can't be a spy from a separate faction, you can't be Light Yagami, you can't hear voices coming form your soul cutter, you can't desire the entropy of all of reality, you can't command your own hollow army that is actually larger than Las Noches', you can't claim to be the King/Emperor/God/Some-other-Ruler of Hollows, you can't eat your fellow arrancar for the lulz and you can't nourish hopes of getting by without consequences if you just plain annoy his Strangeness Darkness Hauntness Doomness Highness the King of Hollows.
Failing to comply with any of these items will result in your return to the rank and file of the numeros. Failure to comply with a select few of these will result in a cero palido to the face.
-Draken, on candidates for the Septima Espada

He's making a list,
And checking it twice;
Gonna send you to his torturer knights.
Von Geister is coming to town
-Draken, The year Von Geister subbed for Santa Claus

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