Ran Kang'Yi Gokudo

Ran Kang’Yi Gokudo
Quincy: Administrator of the 13th Facility
Reiatsu: Standard Quincy Blue
Age: 18
Weight: 115 lb

Appearance: Ran appears as a typical youth with long brown hair, pulled back into a braid, and his almost never seen without his trade mark sunglasses. When not in his Quincy uniform, Ran dresses in rather fine suits when doing business, and a typical pair of baggy cargo pants and t-shirt. Ran’s Quincy outfit appears as a snow white trench coat with blue lining, baggy white cargo pants and white combat boots. His hands are covered in a pair of dark blue fingerless gloves, and his trade mark sunglasses remain on his face. In either outfit, it can be noted he possesses a particularly deep tan. It is important to note, Ran is missing a leg from just above his knee.

Personality: Ran has a rather caustic attitude, quick to anger and even quicker to a fight. His mouth often gets him in trouble, and he has little respect for authority figures owing to his youth as a yakuza. Despite this, underneath his hard and often vitriolic attitude is a caring, soft and uncertain youth. Ran possesses a strong sense of justice, wishing to protect any and all in J-City, and feels completely accountable for each death he causes, either through his own attacks or the inability to defend against the constant threats to J-City. Behind closed doors, Ran is a quite, contemplative young man, possessing a quick wit and a far higher intellect then would otherwise be assumed. His patience is like an ocean, and even though he is quick to anger, he is slow to take insult with his own kind. Another important thing to note is that Ran hates Shinigami in all forms, no matter where they hail from.

Quincy Bangle: Ran’s Quincy bangle appears as an overly large Celtic cross that hangs from his wrist tied to a string of Buddhist prayer beads. When activated, Ran’s bow appear as a pair of long barreled pistols. Each shot is slightly weaker than a standard Quincy bow, but pack a massive explosive force that more than makes up for it.

Powers: Ran possesses all the powers of a Quincy at master level, owing to his rather harsh training from Hitomi. Besides these powers, Ran controls the ancient power of the Quincy, that of their full unadulterated powers, his shots completely destroying souls when they are killed. Each shot ignores even the strongest of armor or hierro. These shots cannot be regenerated through normal means, only the force of healing kido can close these wounds. Wounds incurred in this way do heal over time, but they heal at a natural(human) rate regardless of power.

Zealot Form-Not yet Achived

Appearance: Ran’s colors darken, his flesh a dark tan hue, his eyes turn into black pits with gleaming vivid green eyes, hidden behind white sun glasses. His hair bleaches but remains a similar length. His Quincy outfit shifts dramatically, appearing as black armor with golden gilding. Each hand ends in a massive set of ornate claws, his greaves and vambraces overly ornate. The rest of his armor almost seems form fitting and simple, almost as if they were in fact skin. Behind him hovers a set of eight massive great swords made of sparking blue azure energy, and around his waist hovers a half skit made of the same sparkling energy.

Personality: While in this form, all the pent up rage and hate that Ran keeps…barely contained come center stage, Ran taking no precautions for human life, or life in general, destroying all in his way to attain his goals. He also seems to take little caution with his own life, ignoring all but mortal wounds.

Powers: Ran has a rather powerful regenerative force, though it has been unable to heal his missing leg outside of the Zealot form. Each energy sword on his back is capable of acting as a Quincy bow of equal force to his non Zealot Form bows, and acting as a Seele Schneider. Apart from these additions, Ran’s bow becomes a single eye made of azure energy he can summon and will away with a single thought. This eye can fire massive energy blasts slightly stronger than his typical bow. In addition, Ran’s reaction speed increase dramatically, allowing him to block, counter, or fire on multiple targets far above that of even most Shinigami Captains.

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