Quincy Shrine

Unique Geographical Location and Super Weapon


A superweapon/bunker built in the war between the Quincy and the shinigami, now residing under a mountain near J-City.

Known Powers

The Shrine, being a unique and powerful weapon designed at the tail end of the Quincy/Shinigami War possesses many unique powers

Shield: The Shrine possess a powerful city wide shield capable of deflecting nearly and any attack delivered upon it. The exact energy needed to pierce this shield is unknown.

Teleportation Interference: Due to the massive powers involved with the Shrine, direct teleportation into the Shrine Complex is impossible to those not directly linked to its computer, which requires being a Quincy. This includes, but is not limited to garganta and void portals.

Portal: The Shine allows any keyed into its unique energy and computer systems to open portals that can link to any point or location in and around J-City. It might be possible to open portals elsewhere but they are widely unstable and thus dangerous to attempt. Ran and Hitomi are the only beings known to be able to use this power at this time.

Mobile Defense System: The MDS acts as the first line of defense for J-City, each unit capable of producing a mini-shield around itself, or another single target or fire on a single foe with a small Quincy bow. These bows are slightly less powerful than a standard Quincy, but are still quite menacing to those who seek to attack the City. Apart of their battle capabilities, they monitor all activities in the city and send live video feeds to the Shrine Main Computer

Absorption: Being of Quincy Design the Shrine absorbs all latent spiritons in the area. If activated, this includes all forms of kido, special attacks and even several standard methods of combat. All energy converted in this manner fuel the Shrine.

Quincy Bow: The Shrine, despite its appearance, is in fact a massive Quincy Bow. The exact power output of the weapon is unknown, but it can be assumed the bow itself is massively powerful as it is linked to twelve Quincy Bangles, and was designed as a super weapon to end the war.

Shrine Computer: Owing in part to Ran’s technical knack and the original combat computer, the Shrine is a massive library for spiritual beings, information and combat statistics for anyone monitored by the system. The A.I for the system is helpful, capable of displaying any and all information that the computer has compiled so long as it remains within the Shrine.

Other Powers: While the listed powers are known, it is possible the Shrine has far more potential than that which is listed above. Only time, plot and other factors can tell.

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