The Quincy are a line of spiritually aware human warriors. Originally a mixture of survivors of Hollow attacks and those who had lost loved ones to Hollows, the Quincy developed a variety of supernatural powers to hunt and kill Hollows before they attacked humans (and to destroy those who already had), including the ability to control Spiritual Energy. The Quincy are unique as far as races go in Bleach, because unlike the Hollow or Shinigami, Quincy are still technically human and reside in the world of the living.

The Quincy History: As told by Innis Cabal. If anything needs changed to wok with Canon. Please let me know and it will be changed.

The First True Quincy, if the records and histories are to be believed, dates back to the Heian Period of Japan, the order of the Quincy forming on the date of 796 A.D, December 20th. It can be reasoned, that there were Quincy before this time, judging by collected myths and legends still spoken of today by the Quincy of the current age. Speculation dates these lines to roughly Asuka Period, exact dates cannot be pinned down, but it is certain that before this Period, the Quincy did not exist. During the official forming of the Quincy Order, several families were erected, brought together by similar blood lines and overseen by a secretive Council, texts indicating similarities to the Quincy Council of the Modern Era. While a vast majority of these families have since died out, or integrated into the global community, texts reveal that there were no more than ten clans at any one time. It is important to note that the rise of the Samurai Class and the creation of the Shogunate coincide with the creation of the Quincy Order, though if this is mere coincidence or a carefully calculated attempt at hand in the Japanese Government is impossible to know.

It is most assured that the Quincy aided in the wide spread Buddhist Movement in Japan, though the reasons are widely unknown. What is known, due to improved relations with the Chinese Courts, and trading with the outside world, that the Quincy Bloodline spread ever westward from its islands of Origin, making its way as far as Europe by at least the year 1200 A.D, where further records show that the Quincy Bloodlines had spread even into the common class, though highly diluted. Unlike the East, where Quincy Bloodlines were consolidated into Clans and Dynasties (such as in China and Korea), the West molded these supposed Holy Warriors, many knightly orders integrating them into secretive programs to fund the Crusades. The Hashshashin, The Knights Templar and several other orders were known to contain a high number of Quincy, which would be the prime cause of their downfall and dissolution, at least in the case of the Knights Templar. This is not surprising, as Quincy have long fallen into secretive orders, even in the East. The Ninja Clans of the Sengoku Jidai are a perfect example of this occurrence. Due to the scattering of these forces, it can be hypothesized that the Quincy made their way into other regions of the World over the course of modern History. Histories further indicate that due to trade in the Middle East and through Egypt, that the Quincy entered Africa along the Nile, and spread. The Age of Discovery marks the introduction of the Quincy to the America’s.

First Quincy War

By the year 1301, Soul Socieities around the World had noted a sharp decline in the spirits their respective afterlives had been gaining. This phenomenon had been noted and studied as the Quincy spread ever westward, and finally by the stated date, the Soul Societies of the West declared open war on the Quincy Nation, halting their expansion and any futher attempts to gain control of mortal institutions. The Japanese Quincy in particular, being the oldest and most respected members of the nation were quickly brought to trial after a period of vicious fighting lasting roughly thirteen years. The terms of surrender were simple, a halting of all further intergration of the Quincy power structure into the mortal realm. The accord was signed with little to no vocal protest, and relations slowly returned to amiable between the two world factions up until the end of the Crimean War where relations soured swiftly due to further political fears at the continued loss of souls going to the respective Soul Societies. Hostilies again broke out between the two factions openly in 1910 A.D.

Second Quincy War

The Second Quincy War officially started during the mortal World War. Sparked on by higher then average Hollow Activities due to the massive numbers of war dead, the slow loss of souls returning to the Soul Societies grew to a worrying degree. Much of the history of this war was forcibly destroyed by the Shinigami as terms of surrender, as well as many points of rewritten history. What remains certain is the war was a prolonged conflict, with periods of long vicious fighting from 1916 to 1953, which is the final date of the signed peace accord. Relations after the Second Quincy War remained chilly and distant until the final Quincy War.

The Third Quincy War, and Modern History

Ending ten years before game start, The Quincy Shinigami War of the Modern Era was considerably short in terms of conflict, but was marked as the bloodiest conflict between the Shinigami and Quincy, due in part of the major shift in relations between the two factions, and the political dogma of the Shinigami of Japan at the time. The Global Quincy, forced with annihilation, swiftly signed agreements with the Shinigami, all demands were met with little resistance, the largest impact being the weakening of the Quincy Weapons to comply with Soul Society regulations of Soul Burial and cleansing. The vast impact on the Quincy as a whole has yet to be seen. This period marked the most radical and desperate moves by the Quincy, including the creation of the Quincy Zealot Form, the Shrine Complexes and far more sinister developments, much of which has yet to be seen in the light of day simply to insure their survival. Recent relations between at least the J-City Branch of Quincy and the Japanese Soul Society has seen several turns to the worst, the future being a little more than uncertain.

Supposed Fates of the Lost Quincy Bloodlines

As shown in earlier parts of this history, it is well known that the Quincy, while rare in the Modern Era, have a long legacy in the going ons of the Mortal World, and may very well have played integral roles in the formation of the Modern Eastern world. Other regions, from as far West as Europe did not fair as well. The Quincy of Europe are wide spread, disorganized and primarily run on single member units, or small crime families. This is due in part of the massive destruction of the Knights Templar (pointed out above) and the continued wars of Europe up into the Modern Age, the formation of the Iron Curtain which divided long standing families of Quincy as it did to all mortals of that time. Due to its destruction, a surge of new relations has been noted, and the duel Quincy Council Seat remains as it was.

The North American Quincy’s fate is widely unknown, though modern research has yielded surprising results, concluding that what Quincy remained from the final Quincy War intergrated fully into the American Reaper Corp, and were fully abolished as an organization as early as six years prior to game start.

Eastern and African Bloodlines remain strong, though have the least contact with one another.

The Quincy Council

The Quincy Council is the current, and time honored, ruling members of the Quincy Race. While its origins start at the very creation of the Quincy Order as a small tribunal made up of the most prominent members of the ancient families, as the Quincy spread, so too did their lines of fomal communication, and in the year 1945, the first official global Quincy Council was formed. Split into regions, the Quincy placed a ruling member in each region, Japan gaining two, one for Tokyo which was marked as the new Capital of the Quincy Nation, and one for the country as a whole. The Quincy Regions are as follows: Oceana, Tokyo, Yamato, Russian Federation (name changed from the U.S.S.R in the early 90’s), Americana (South America: See Above), Babylon (Chosen Name for the Middle East), Europe (Both East and West Seats remain) and Africana. The Quincy Council’s center of control is in the Adachi Special Ward of Tokyo, were they use the Nishiarai Daishi Temple as the center of their operations. The Nishiarai Daishi Temple is one of the oldest known Quincy Sites, and has been considered the “official” capital of the Quincy of Japan since it was founded in 826 A.D. Similar sites exist in the holdings of the other regions. The Oceana Quincy’s base of operations is centered in Sydney, Osaka is the holding of the Yamato Council Member. The Russian Federation has been based out of St. Petersburg since the founding of the city, and it is widely known that it was in part of their funding of the Czar the city was built in the first place. Americana’s base of operations is mobile, changing location every six years due to the high Hollow activity of the region. Baghdad was the center for the Babylonian Council Seat until the American Iraq war, the seat being moved to Istanbul in recent history. Africana’s seat lies in Cairo, where it has been for all African Quincy’s recorded history. Each region has its own method of promotion to the Council Seat, though it is considered good favor to request the position from the Council as a whole. Meetings take place on a strictly need related basis, most regions to busy with hollows to activaly meet with one another on a regular basis.


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