Polilla Mentiralas

Novena Espada. Wait, Poli-chan is an Espada? Yipee!

Reiatsu: Turquoise
Aspect of Death: Ignorance


Polilla's mask fragment is a headband of hollow armor with a pair of decorative antennae sticking out. She has blues eyes, the same color as her short hair that's held in place by the aforementioned headband. Her hollow hole is over her sternum, which is visible thanks to the low V of her uniform, essentially a white version of Soifon and Youruichi's powerup outfits with the proper black trim. Her zanpaktou, a modest dagger, is sheathed at her right hip. Her rank tatoo is on her back, although it will have to be pointed out to her before she realizes it's there. She charges her ceros between her antennae.


Bubbly ditz. All she ever seems to do is fly laps around Las Noches, ensnaring passing hollows using her Encantadora Danza in the hopes of finding something interesting. She likes to collect those that she finds interesting, but always forgets that Encantadora Danza ends when her Resurrección does, and ends up having to kill them or, if they're nice, let them go.


A dirk with a fancy blue ribbon tied between the blade and the handle.

Resurrección: "Spread your wings, Mariposa!"

Polilla's uniform turns into hollow armor, and her limbs from the knees and elbows down are covered in white spikes, like insect legs. She additionally has four white prongs coming out of her back, coming together in a pyramid pattern with a transparent blue firm along the left and right sides. In her Resurrección, Polilla becomes a sonido lunatic.

Encantadora Danza: When she wishes, Polilla's back prongs spread out so that they point away from each other as much as possible. The blue film darkens and grows rapidly, becoming tangible and gigantic butterfly wings of scittilating shades of blue. Seriously, they're about as big compared to her as normal butterfly wings are to a normal butterfly's body, if not slightly larger. In addition to being able to fly with these wings, anyone who looks at them directly slowly becomes entranced. This is especially dangerous for Vizards who have their hollow masks on, as it gives their inner hollow an opportunity to fight for control.

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