Persephone stands towering at 12 feet tall, her thin form, no longer that of a young girl, completely covered with black seemingly in the form of a flowing dress, with steel-like properties near the bottom; The white of her long gloves contrasting the black. Three tall coffin-like objects float around her, bound to her by chains, and there is a large bastard sword attached to her side. Four black ravenlike wings wrap around her body/dress from the small of her back.

Her face is pale and without emotion, her mouth stitched shut by string of iron, her eyes black and soulless. Her hair is short and is styled upward, spiking to either side. Finally, her head is graced by a large, distorted black crown that extends at the top.
The war coffin glows red as it fills, the void coffin purple, and the thanatos coffin light blue.


Persephone's personality is split into 3 facets - Khaos Sister, Death Sister, and War Sister. Khaos Sister is cold, calculating and intelligent, but easily unnerved. Death Sister is fairly quiet, stoic, and laid-back, with an edge of creepy hunger, and nothing fazes her. War Sister is split into a further two personalities - psychopathic, empty rage in bold, and the original scared little girl (signalled by not being bold).


Persephone has three seperate powers tied to the three coffins chained to her body. Each one stores a certain "essence", which is gathered in different ways.

War Coffin: Fills when drawing blood.
Void Coffin: Fills when absorbing memories.
Thanatos Coffin: Fills with souls from Gonzui.

Persephone can "sing", providing the same effects as Hans' memory-erasing song. She can sing despite her mouth being stitched up - the song is high and clear, pours directly into the minds of those nearby without bothering to go through the ears, and reverberates within the very bones.
Gonzui consumes souls within a certain radius, about 500 feet around Persephone.

War Coffin powers: As the coffin fills, Persephone's physical strength, hierro, and speed increase. She can use a portion of the blood (5%+) to create a energy projectile similar to Cero. The amount of blood used determines the power. When the coffin fills completely, Persephone enters a berserk state, strength increasing substancially as the blood fuels it. More or less akin to Carcharadon's blood frenzy, but a bit less powerful, and lasts about as long, until all of the blood is used.

Void Coffin powers: Steals memories and stores them. When 100% full, an illusion of one of the memories seeps into and takes over the "real world," and becomes re-enacted, with Persephone as one of the other people within the memory. The victim is forced to live out the memory, performing the exact actions they remember, until Persephone shows her true colours. She can mix and match memories, as well. When she absorbs a memory from, say, Nukari, she can transplant it into Shirubaru or someone and make him live out Nukari's actions as Nukari.

Thanatos Coffin powers: Persephone can create different forms of "undead" from the souls she generates.

Zombies (1%/full): Mindless drones. (They can run) Chance of infecting Pluses and weaker spiritual beings with similar status.

Skeletons (2%/full): Quick skirmishers. Can rebuild themselves, if all the bones aren't destroyed.

Mummies (10%/full): Slow, some hierro, paralyze foes with their touch.

Dullahan (20%/full): Armored. Headless knights, powerful (seated shinigami level).

Fallen Angel (20%/full): Fliers. Ranged combatants, use kido.

Ghosts (10%/full): Partly incorporeal. Acts somewhat like a shield: Can't be passed through, physical blows are inneffective, but Kido destroys them.

As the coffin fills, Persephone's regenerative power increases. When it's full, she appears to die, but revives after a short time. Ghost-like beings float around her body, patching up her wounds almost instantly, and blocking attacks made at her. Anyone who directly looks at her until the souls are completely drained have a curse placed upon them, etching kanji/runes into their very flesh. With some healing kido, it can be properly removed.

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