Palacio Tres

Palacio Tres is the personal domain of the Tercera Espada, currently owned by Elizabeth Rosemarie.

Outside View

Palacio Tres is a tall tower, seemingly made of common stone and wood, but actually made of the same material as the rest of Las Noches, merely molded by Von geister into the likeness of norse architecture.

At the base of the palace are four buildings arranged in a cross-like position. One of these is the entrance of the palace, forming basically a large pavillion, while the remaining three hold the quarters used by fraccion, storages, and other utlitarian rooms. The entire complex is surrounded by a circular stone wall. Just outside of the western wall is a great, clear lake, connected to the canals of Las Noches, this lake also holds Pasilla Sexta, while Pasilla Novena can be found north of the structure.



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