Palacio Real

The royal palace is the heart of Las Noches. It is located at the very center of the dome, and it is the single largest structure in the fortress, reaching up and through the dome, into the five towers above.


From the outside, the palace is a massive cilindrical column with a base larger than the top, much like a gigantic stalagmite, the various floors are marked from the outside by a rim of large archs (similar to windows).


The royal palace is the center of all activity inside Las Noches, at its base are the garrisons for the armies of arrancar, menos and hollows.

Most of the rest of the structure hold the hospital facilities, the intelligence offices, refectories, prisons, shinigamification compounds and numerous other such instalations.

At the very top of the royal palace are Toho's personal quarters, the throne room and the many gathering chambers used by the espada and other high-ranking arrancar.

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