Owynn ap Morrigna

Name: Owynn ap Morrigna
Affiliation: The Fae (former)
Title: Dread Princeling of Hungering Shades
Appearance: Owynn’s skin is lies taut over his body, and is an unnerving corpse-grey. His build is lithe and thin, and his movements seem unnervingly accurate and precise.
Personality: Cruel, sadistic, unknowable. Owynn is a fae, and is utterly mercurial and incomprehensible beyond the fact that humanity is lower than dirt to him.
History: Owynn began existence as a minor fae, a warrior in service to the General of Arcadia. Over time though, his standards of honour, poor enough to begin with, degraded and he began to fight underhandedly, becoming more a thing of the shadows than a warrior. His superior, disgraced at this apparent cowardice, cast him from his service, leaving Owynn without any political power whatsoever.


Owynn knew the General’s judgement to be unjust. He was a son of the Morrigan, and darkness ran in his veins. The things that lurked in the dark of Faerie were not to be trifled with, and one was not a coward to cling to the shadows, but rather to cling to the light. Owynn sought to make this known, to take his revenge on the nobility and have the power he deserved. He managed it by stealing the Crown and Title of the Dread King of Haunting Night. His power was improved manifold by the acquisition of a title, but the rest of the Court was furious that an upstart “peasant” claimed a crown. Owynn argued he had won it squarely through guile and shadow, showing he was at least an equal to his predecessor, but the rage of the nobility continued unabated. And so, Owynn left Faerie and made for a far-flung portion of the mortal world. Japan. Here he would be safe, beyond the eyes and ears of the Gentry.


Contracts: Like all Fae, Owynn has made pledges and oaths with various aspects of reality.

Minor Contract of Stone: An oath made when Owynn was still a warrior, this basic pledge arms him with preternatural strength.

Adequate Contract of Prowess: Another oath Owynn made whilst still a warrior, it hones his skill with a sword to a great degree beyond his already uncanny capabilities borne of centuries of practice.

Average Contract of Mirror: This pledge with that which informs us of our own appearance allows Owynn to alter his appearance to any humanoid shape he desires.

Major Contract of Celerity: Owynn is fast as the flicker of a shadow, thanks to this contract with Speed Itself.

Supreme Contract of Hungering Shadow: Owynn is one with shadow. This complex oath bestows with him unnatural stealth, the ability to move from shadow to shadow instantaneously and to drain the shadows of the living to heal his own wounds. He can also use the shadow to replicate any physical object or supernatural effect, with an added reiatsu drain on hit.

High Coronation: Owynn can don his crown, releasing the full potential of his title. In this form, he becomes a thing of flickering shadow, never staying still, always hungering for the breath and shadows of those around him. His speed and stealth become nigh unsurpassed, though like all High Coronations, Owynn is swiftly consumed by the power and drawn back into the Wyrd.

Equipment: The Crown of Hungering Shadow (a simple unadorned circlet of pewter).

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