Other Locations

These are the minor locations that also exist within the RPG, but do not require their own article.

Harubo's Mount Olympus

A side-dimension made by Harubo for himself and the Olympian Gods. It has since been glassed by the Quincy Shrine.

Khaos Hall

A splinter of Mount Olympus stolen by Hans Rojak (Khaos) after his defection.

Important Sites of the Quincy


The Final Quincy Shrine is located in J-City, the other 12 Shrines scattered throughout the entirety of Japan. The 13th Shrine Facility remains a secret and widely unknown location to all but the most important Quincy.

The Quincy Council Seat

As noted above, the cities the Quincy Council have marked as their regional capital’s prosper from the influx of money, political connections and power of the local Quincy. Sydney, St. Petersburg, Cairo, Istanbul, Osaka, and currently Santiago are all important regions of Quincy control.

The Nishiarai Daishi Temple

While a major landmark in Japan, the Nishiarai Daishi Temple has been a major center of Quincy learning from its creation. Deep under the temple lie the Quincy Archives, and the meeting

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