Old Man Oath

Affiliation: The Grand High Court of the Fae, The Fae.
Titles: Hierophant of the Truesworn Rune, His Most Illustrious Majesty of the Grand High Court of the Fae, Patriarch of the Family Most Wyrd.
Wyrd: Dark Olive Green. Exceptionally dense when unrestrained.
Age: About 2.4 million years old, if his claims are to be believed.


Background: Old Man Oath is the oldest Fae in existence. He claims to have been around when the first formal agreement was made between hominids. No one knows if its true or not, but it is well known that he headed the Grand High Court before the next oldest Courtier was even born from the Wyrd.

Appearance: Despite his name, Old Man Oath does not look very old, perhaps in in his mid thirties. His body is slender and athletically built, stereotypically elven, one might say. His black hair is worn in a single long braid, and his beard is worn likewise. His clothing includes some minor armour on the upper torso and the arms, leaving his stomach exposed. He wears a robe about his legs, and keeps a lightly curving sword at his side.

Personality: The personality Old Man Oath feigns is one of ruthless lawfulness. He detest oathbreakers, and is quick to use his Supreme Contract to punish Fae whose ambitions outgrow their stations. The humans taken to his Realm are often put to work cataloguing every agreement ever made between any two entities, or guarding his hoard of books containing that knowledge, and misrepresentation is punished harshly. The fact that he obviously knows each and every agreement ever made, and still requires them catalogued, both baffles and spites those forced to do it.


Minor Contract of Stone: This Contract grants super-human strength to Old Man Oath, allowing him to use his blade to meaningful effect.

Adequate Contract of Celerity: Old Man Oath possesses speed enough to rival competent shunpo and sonido users.

Average Contract of Runes: Old Man Oath can bind another Contract's effect into a rune that lasts indefinitely. When walked or gazed upon, the Contract bound into the rune takes effect on the one who activated the rune. Rune can discharge once before vanishing.

Supreme Contract of Oaths: Old Man Oath can instantly create a temporary Average or lower-ranked Contract between himself and any Aspect of Reality he desires. He can permanently break any Contract a Fae is bound in, and create Contracts on the behalf of other Fae. Such is his degree of power with this Contract that he can also affect the "Contracts" of creatures other than Fae. Notably, it could be possible for him to temporarily cut off a shinigami from their zanpakutou, or unleash a Vizard's inner hollow, were he to learn of the relationship between the two. Old Man Oath can only bestow one temporary Contract upon himself at a time.

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