Oboro Kuenai

Shinigami—vice captain of the Kido corps

Little is accurately known about Kuenai, which may have much to do with the weaving of illusions her zanpakutou is capable of. Though many don't know it, she is one of the older shinigami still around, rivaling Captains Aiko, Girikio, and Daisuke in age. She certainly doesn't look it, though, and some have conjectured that she's actually disguising her real appearance. She denies anything of the sort, stating that her looks are her own, unmodified.

She has bright orange eyes; long, red tipped, brownish black hair; and a figure much envied by other women of the Seireitei. Her habits are something of a mystery, as she seems to flit from place to place, never doing the same things twice; if those following her can even keep up…

Reitsu is a 'new-leaf green'

Unreleased, it appears as a tanto with no guard. Because of its wooden handle and scabbard, it appears to be a solid piece of wood when sheathed.

Shikai: Bloom "Byakko" [white (spirit) fox]
The only things accurately known about Kuenai's release is that it can create very realistic illusions, and she gains a fox's ears and tail.

Bankai: unknown, though quite possible, given the time she's had to work on it.

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