The first fraccion of the Quinta Espada to make an appearance. Though he did make an appearance on the thread, still only the Quinta Espada knows of his existence. Nico trains quietly and is very adept at hiding his reiatsu, and though he is not the only fraccion to Kira, he still believes he is.

Nico is known to keep his cool even while pressured, but underneath, he has a simmering rage against his Master. He knows how to use Resurreccion and is quite proficient with it. Also, contrary to his normal behaviour, his Zanpakuto's name is Hiena (Hyena in spanish), and it's power comes from his laughter.

Abilities of note

Laughing Ceros: The fraccion orbits his foe using sonido, and fires off ceros from his mouth at the foe, causing an attack from all sides.

Predator Stalks the Prey: This one doesn't really have a name but I thought I'd put it out there since he used it. Nico goes close to the ground and throws several ceros at the ground and then quickly masks his reiatsu, while blinking away using sonido. The cloud of dust hides him well and he completely dissapears from his foe's detection.

Senka: A technique where the user quickly moves behind his foe, and tries to make one lethal stab at the foe's chain of fate. Though originally this is a shinigami move using Shuunpo, Nico can do it using sonido instead.


Resurreccion: Warai, Hiena! (Laugh, Hiena!)
The Fraccion's posture diminishes, as he now has a hunch-back. The bones from his spine pop up as well as his ribcage fusing into his skin. His legs and feet become like that of a hyena made of bones, and he gains abnormally large claws. To top it all off, his mask turns into the face of a hyena, with a large snout and grinning teeth, and openings only where the eyes are.

The Resurreccion's true power lies in its haunting laughter. His barking laughter destabilizes the reiatsu of all who hear it, except hollows. This causes the foe's attacks to weaken as well as their defenses. Aside from this power, his strength and speed increase quite a bit and his plain zanpakuto becomes a kris.

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