Nazo Metta

-Spiritually awakened human
-Highschool student, age 16

Description: Metta is a dedicated student, who regularly places near the top in his grade. He's about 5' 10", with shoulder length blackish-red hair. He's fit, but in no way superhuman. He has pale skin, and his build could be called wiry. He has a fairly serious personality, with the 'bad' habit of watching shonen anime. He reads fiction regularly, in most forms, and is a frequent visitor to TV tropes. And before he met Masato, there was nothing particularly unusual about him besides seeing occasional people with strange chains coming out of their chests…

Abilities: After being exposed the the wash of spiritual energy from Masato gaining shikai, abilities have awakened in Metta. He has the ability to imagine. Not too impressive on its own, but what sets it apart, is that he can forcefully manifest what he imagines into the real world, shaping it out of reishi. Usually just objects, but he can create effects (like spells and such), and modify real objects. He has recently developed the ability to modify himself, though it is considerably more straining on his body than other ways of manifesting his abilities. All uses of his ability have some effect on him, in varying degrees. He also has gained a psudo-zanpaktou spirit, which has taken the appearance of Kamina (ala Gurren Lagann).

He commonly wears a variety of outfits, but assume gray denim pants and this shirt, if not specified otherwise.

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